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  1. Thanks for the respectful way you treat fans by updating/informing what's happening currently. Plus, staying true to your heart is always a good sign too… The new things you're doing can only be of benefit in the long run, IMO. I appreciate everything you put out so thanks…

  2. I'm so excited for u guys. it almost feels I'm part of the group as well tho I'm in America. I'm very happy Riley is a part of Deathseekers. I thought u, Simon & Riley worked very well together on that one investigation Riley took u guys to. U seem very sincere, kind & honest & I wish u all the best:)

  3. Mark I just wanted to say good luck and the addition of magnitude to the team of death seekers , certainly every team needs a comic relief , that would be my good friend magnitude that I will be with him to the end as a sponsor . He adds that humor and seriousness all at the same time . Knowledgeable guy he is indeed . Lou

  4. Glad to hear that paranormal X will stay focused and pure to its ethics, in relation to the paranormal. Also glad that you will also remain PX as well as being part of Death Seekers <3

  5. I was so scared to clickΒ on this video because I was afraid you were going to say there was not going to be a Paranormal-X anymore. I am now so happy I did click on it. Can't wait to see what comes. I wish you tons of success and I love your integrity, that is so hard to come by in this day and age. Thank you for that.

  6. Im not here from day one, but for me dont matter because I know that you ( all the team) research for truth and never show us fake evidences or something like others do ( I believe that is not necessary to put names, everybody know)… but if you do one day, I have a coffee-cigarrette meeting with the most hilarious paranormal investigator that i never seen ( well, I didnt see too much, but for sure he is the most hilarious).
    Dont know how some "peopluff" can say " this channel dissapear or close because now they are on TV and only have time for TV show" or something so…. Damn it!!! Why I can try to expose my thoughs in this language? Sorry I've lost myself trying to explain what I think in english, so better I shut up….

  7. Great video! You do awesome work, and don't worry, I completely understand that you will be busy and not always able to frequently upload, and I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.

  8. Glad you are staying the course Mark. I love that you tell it like it is and don't sugar coat things or tell people what they want to hear. Thank you for your honest uploads and honest investigations.

  9. Great news..I must admit that I was worried that all these recent changes could ultimately lead to "tv entertainement" …..I know from personal experiences during my 55 years that spirit's..ghost's..whatever you want to call them exist! I have no way whatsoever to prove to anybody about what I've experienced because 99% of the time I was alone & not actually investigating But I know it's real coz I was there….I used to be a big fan of most haunted in their early days & I still actually think that some of those guys are genuine believers but are under pressure to make a tv show…Karl & Stuart especially reduce me to laughing fits at their shennanigans of obvious fakeness these days..Having said that I still look forward to watching their shows just in case something totally unexplainable Same applies to the American Ghost hunters & Ghost Adventure guys! ..There are also so many other groups on you tube that can seem genuine but are normal folk that cant afford fancy equipment etc so the quality of their videos can seem of poor quality & barely watchable..But some may be catching real stuff?…I watch them a few weeks ago when I saw my first Paranormal-X vids,I loved the honesty..It was a refreshing change like I porbably commented at the time πŸ™‚ Long may you continue πŸ™‚ Sorry for babbling on a bit but I've had a few

  10. Mark, we know that you guys would never fake the evidence, you have morals unlike some out there. You guys are gonna be great and I cant wait for the journey x.

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