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Roku Customer Support Number 1-877-219-8032

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  1. Why don't available in Pakistan plz do something obout it ??? I want to buy tcl go live led but item is out of stock when it's available in Pakistan ???

  2. Several reviews of the new 55P607 are showing pictures of brightness in the four corners of the set in a dark room and erroneously labeling this as "Backlight Bleed" (a manufacturing defect), but it is actually an effect called Flashlighting that is common to all LED displays to some degree. Some of the examples shown are extreem and warrant a replacement, but a lot of them look about average. I've done a comparison with a friend's $1300 2016 4k 55" Sony and his was even slightly worse than some of the pictures shown on the 55P607. It appears I'm one of the lucky ones because my set shows only very faint light balanced evenly in all four corners in a dark room. Some people crying "defect" have unrealistic expectations. If Sony can't rid this effect on a $1300 TV, I'm not sure why people expect TCL to on a $600 set! It's also worth nothing that the effect goes away entirely when the Full array local dimming on this set is turned on… I'm very happy with this model and continue to believe baring consistency issues, if you get one without the reported defects it's an amazing value.

  3. When will the 65P607 be available in the USA? Many videophiles want to buy the P-Series, but 55" might be a step back in size from current displays used by that demographic.

  4. I'm waiting to instantly snap this up as soon as you release them. I have been ready to buy since January but after a lot of research and learning about these coming out I know this is what I want and I have passed up alot of other good deals in the mean time. Please hurry, i hope spring 2017 means early April and not later …. 🙁

  5. The current TCL 4K sets is judder-free at 24p while 60i and 60p is not. If TCL gets those sources judder-free and lower the input lag to 30ms or less on all resolutions, the TCL P-Series will be the best bang for your buck TV in 2017 and sell like hot cakes.

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