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  1. The wasted time on showing what comes in the box and blah, blah, blame should have been spent on the wiring of the unit.

  2. I got a ROKU express for my 1080p TV yesterday. I have the 2016 (black stick), but it has an issue when using it via a Passthrough connection, where the video turns out dark, and blacks get crushed. It's the only devices that does this, and the only ROKU that does it as well. The express does what I need though, so it's not big deal.

    As far as 4K, I have a compatible TV as well, but I've somewhat been disappointed, HDR looks nice, but for me, most of my content isn't 4K, or HDR right now. It will mean more to mean when more of the older content gets remastered. Plus by that time, hopefully format support will be more universal between TVs. Currently I have HDR10 support but no Dolby Vision at this point.
    If i had to make the choice again, I think I would have waited a couple more years to invest.

  3. STAY AWAY FROM ROKU!! I'm constantly having to log in as if I'm logging in and SETTING UP the device for the FIRST TIME, over and over. It's aggravating to have to continuously have to keep setting this things up and reuplaoding all the apps (it's about a 5-8 minute process before TV can start being watched). THEN I have to relog into Netflix and things like that as well. It's a pain in the neck. Not worth the aggravation.

    I also wrote to Tech Support. All they did was ask me a silly question, which I ANSWERED (via email), and then a week later, they said they were closing the case cause of no further feedback.


    Basically, they don't know why it's doing it and they don't have a fix. It's as simple as that.

    And no, my signal is NOT the problem, nor is my network.

  4. I have a roku tv already and it's already connected to a wifi provider in my home and I already have a account. Let's say i move to a new home and buy the roku stick. Will I have to reset my roku tv to hook up the roku stick, plus make a new account? Or will I just be able to plug it in?

  5. i need some help!! I have had a roku stick hooked to my LG TV for about 1 1/2 yrs. Just 3 days ago when i pushed input button on the TV remote to go to the HDMI port that my Roku is hooked to i started getting a "No Signal" notification. MY Roku stick is also flashing instead of having a steady light. I've tried resetting Roku with the button…..tried unplugging it as well. Roku tech support is useless, they speak broken english and have no clue….. Any Ideas??

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