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Roku Customer Support Number 1-877-219-8032

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  1. This is exactly what i needed. Thanks a lot bro. It would've been more better if u showed the laptop too to let us see how much delay the stream on tv has. Can you please let me know here about that in the comment section that how much delay there is in the stream. and your wifi settings. Thanks and Thumbs UP. (y)

    And one more thing: Is your Roku device 'The Roku Streaming Stick' ?

  2. I did enable the mirroring but nothing happens. Your instructions are not complete. Do I need an app? I use windows 10 in my laptop?

  3. I do have Windows 10. I set up Plex account and Media server. However I do not have four digit/letter PIN to link to Server or Roku. I probably missed it somehow. How can I get the PIN from plex site?

  4. I can't get mirroring to work under Windows 8, but I did buy an HDMI cable and it works great. You have to find the Windows speaker selection dialog and change to HDMI to hear audio on your TV. I wonder whether there is a way to send TV output into the computer…

  5. I have not done a windows 10 upgrade and do not plan to. No telling what it will foul up for me :). I may be getting another computer with windows 10 on it though. So I will test it.

  6. Can someone please compare and review Roku/computer mirroring as shown here with a simple HDMI cable between computer and HDMI-enabled TV? I obtain full HD video and audio when I use an HDMI cable. Are there other features when using Roku mirroring? Is the video quality and aspect ratio the same when viewing Full Screen YouTube video content sent from computer to TV on HDMI cable as compared with Roku mirroring?

    I think a great answer would be useful to lots of people.

  7. I keep looking for Roku in my devices but only other devices pull up, never the Roku?  Anyone else have this problem?

  8. Hi: can you extend the screen?  I don't want just to mirror.  I want to extend my desk top.  I have microsoft's Miracast stick and I am able to extend my screen.  I want to buy another tv and set it up as an extended display.  Can I do that with roku? or do I have to buy the Netgear and/or the microsoft stream stick. thx! pls answer

  9. Do you know how to reconnect to the ROKU after you screenshared once on your laptop or PC connected to the LAN. Thats what I'm trying to figure out at this moment

  10. I tried using Samsung S3 and S4 and they both crash midway, same with my Asus T100 (tablet/PC converter) fails as well. Beta = Beta

  11. Jerry Rubakaran Miracast(which is the tech roku is using) is (supposedly) better than chromcast , it can deliver 5.1 Dolby and encrypted media, I played a Blu-ray movie through Miracast before, which chromcast can't due to copy right encryption . So miracast is better for mirroring.

  12. Hi Chris Thank you for your kind words. Yes I believe this is using Miracast. Roku announced a that it would be working with it about a year ago. Other sources have also reported it. 

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