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  1. I was happy to discover that one of the available channels is Bob Ross The Joy of Painting. Also You Tube. The Roku Express is a great value for about $30. 07/29/2017

  2. Do you know if the Express + can run audio out of the analog port and video out of the HDMI at the same time? (sorry if you stated this in the video, which I did not watch in its entirety – I read your written review and saw no mention of separate audio and video output).

    My home theater has a projector with no sound which I feed video through an HDMI switchbox and an older 7.1 channel receiver that works fantastically but does not have HDMI ports, so I have to use either analog audio or a digital audio connection for sound.  I want to know if this Express Plus will work in my system outputting video through the HDMI while doing audio through the analog connection, or if I have to spend double to get a refurbished Roku 4, which does have an optical audio output (that will presumably work at the same time while outputting video through HDMI).

    I tried to get this info from Roku directly, but they don't bother to mention it on their site and they don't offer any sort of direct means of contacting customer service or tech support, at least as far as I could find.


  3. I just got the Roku Express + and I love it. I have a dinosaur of a TV and I like that it works on it with the white, yellow, and red cables. Thanks for the review. It was the main reason I bought it and I paid $35 with tax.

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