Roku Customer Support Number 1-877-219-8032 USA – NBA 2K18 PS4 Pro 4K HDR : TCL Roku TV 55p605 vs Samsung KS-8000 65inch

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  1. I have same tv just bought yesterday I use your setting thanks bro my tv doesn’t have local contrast that’s the only problem I use everything else

  2. I've seen the tcl in person on PS4 pro and I was very impressed. I'm a ks8000 owner and why still think the Samsung is a better tv it's also double the price. If you are looking to buy a get the TCL, it's better then any low end or mid range Sony or Samsung 4k set

  3. Thank you for the calibration recommendations! I just bought the TCL Roku TV 55p605 and have played it with 2k using the settings; it looks good even with my original PS4 (not pro). I still have a Samsung 55unju7100 which I only used for two years. Do you think I should return the TCL and continue using the Samsung? I'm not sure if if or when I will upgrade to the PS4 pro; any advice is appreciated

  4. In terms of how much better can the XB1X it has 3.5 GBs of more useable ram which can be used to increase texture resolution. Having 4K textures at 1440P, or 1440P checkerboard 4K is a bit of a waste. Texture resolutions can't be resolved with lower pixel resolution than texture.

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