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  1. Great Video! I just have one question about the Hootoo router. Is connecting to the Hotel Wifi, Hotspot, etc. a one time thing only or do I have sign back in every certain time? Thanks

  2. I find that the bridge connection is not good at all. I have the latest HooToo and am very disappointed in it's internet speed compared to the network speed., You only get around 15% of the regular internet speed.

  3. Good video, I agree this is a key feature, poorly implemented on many other devices.

    Does the HooToo Elite let you clone/copy its MAC address from one of your connected devices?

  4. Why do I need to show how Chromecast works? There are sooooo many youtube videos on how to use Chromecast.  Have a search. This video has nothing to do with Chromecast.  So I disagree I "must" not do anything. 

    For  Jeff D and Bugbite thanks for the nice remarks.  Reminder to all,  you need to get the "hotel" version of the firmware loaded prior to using. The device needs that update in order to be able to use it at hotels.  It is available on their website. The thing is cheaper now than when I bought and it is still awesome. I love it. 

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