Roku Customer Support Number 1-877-219-8032 USA – Cord Cutting This Week 49 – Dish Wins Kodi Lawsuit, DIRECTV Streaming Player, Roku OS 9, & More

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  1. Cut the cord in this 2018…. I have 2 Roku… 2 n 3 Roku … My Roku 2 is really slow …. So I brought my first fire tv stick …still learning how to work it …. But my cable kept going up so I'm saving like 85 dollars now…my cable was like 150… N plus my 13 son like Netflix n Hulu better….happy steaming😉😉

  2. Please try to refrain from saying "Okay or Hey Google" in your videos. The need for satellite for radio, TV, or Internet since 4G seems to be very unnecessary.

  3. I cut 1 year ago with sling tv went to directv now when there got dvr. Now back with sling tv because of better DVR. Might be changing to Philo tv because now they have hallmark and is cheaper.

  4. i finally ditched comcrap last month & it was the best move i've ever made. I was paying $355/mo with them. What i got was an add every 5-10 line items in the tv guide, the inability to stream tv out of my home network, the inability to set recordings on the app (got to fire up the tv and dvr), charged for cable equipment that not only made my electricity bill higher, but also were slow, dumb boxes that would lock up all the time cuz the xfinity service would crap out. Best part was they tried to raise my rates & that finally made me say SEE YA. AT&T Fiber w/ Playstation Vue now & i couldn't be happier

  5. I need to get rid of copy right Frenchmen laws it is garbage we don't live in the 1980s and nineties anymore alright people should be able to do whatever h*** they want who cares dish makes enough money anyway

  6. Cut mine in August. One of my best things I have done. Cut my bill in half. Yes up front cost was high, but will recoup my money in about four months.

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