Roku Customer Support Number 1-877-219-8032 USA – ハチロク極 1/6 (Hachi Roku Extreme)

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Roku Customer Support Number 1-877-219-8032

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  1. 別にあのエンジンのポテンシャルが出なくてもいい気がするんだけど?

  2. アーケードの3懐かしい!高1辺りまでやってましたねw

  3. That engine, no way that's the group A one right ? Its a blacktop plus that engine isn't one that you can easily find. That tachometer is for show only right ?

  4. 軽量化のためサンルーフ邪魔だから屋根鉄板溶接してこんな仕様が結構いましたよ。レビン乗ってるやつが事故っても金がないから解体屋からトレノの頭だけ移植してたし普通にやってたよ

  5. たしか、101のgroupAエンジンはパーツだけで300万位かかるんだよな・・・

  6. English subs pls?? Gosh i really wish i could understand Japanese! We're so lucky to be able to import Truenos 2 Australia 🙂 Still, theyre really rare here. Probably because a Levin is half the price but i think the Trueno is the most beautiful car. Have wanted one since early 90s when i was little, now i can get one soon from carland! i am so happy! 🙂

  7. But the wikipedia says; "The AE86 was available with a fuel-injected 4-cylinder twin-cam 1587 cc 4A-GE engine in Japan and Europe"
    That means they were sold in Europe too, doesn't it? o.O

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