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  1. hey Pogo! i was the one that showed you to a number of Club owners in Melbourne for some exposure, and they were all too poorly organised to actually get you in! sorry mate, hope it didn't annoy you, and thank you for your gift of expertly mixed and bouncy tracks 🙂

  2. also, btw, not to start shit with Reaper fans, but i can't stand that DAW. i gave it a go before i committed to Ableton, and it literally comes with almost nothing. also, just the way you use it's FX tools like compressor or reverb or whatever has to be adjusted on a different float screen, whereas in Ableton, all your plug-ins on a lane are displayed at once.

    i don't know how Reaper handles automation and audio clip warping and transposition since i only tried it for 2 days before getting annoyed that i had to look for free plugins to make any music at all, so i can't say i gave it a fair trial run.

    what i can say is, while Ableton's built-in stuff is not amazing, and the free downloads that come with higher tiers of the program are also not the greatest samples and presets. it at least does come with shit period, so it saves the hassle of having to spend tons of time building up customization and downloading VSTs/plugins for Reaper.

  3. ah it's cool to see Pogo hanging out with Bearing 😀 and while i will agree, Ableton is my preferred workflow, but the complete version of such is like 749 USD, which makes it the most expensive DAW. i have seen people like Feed Me and SeamlessR do great and wonderful things with FL Studios, and that DAW boasts of some of the best built-in features that rivals most other DAWs.

    but like i said, while i admire a lot of the things FLS has built-in, Ableton has been my comfort zone, so i just don't bother with switching to anything else. i also suggest getting iZotope Ozone 7 for mastering, as well as iZotope Trash-2 for distortion. and while i don't have these yet, you should get Serum for FM Synthesis and Wavetable Shaping. as well as Neutron as a mixing add (helps detect frequency masking and stuff like that)

  4. Is this another CANDID thing, you fucking sellout, or is this a real conversation I should look at.

    Does anyone know what Bearing stands for? His vids are always anti-this and anti-that but I see nothing "pro" from him. Hell, is he pro or anti abortion?

  5. @ the thing mentioned at 6:30.. bearing, check out facerig (it's on steam). get someone to make you a char there, would be cool for such lifestreams and I'm sure if you just asked you'd have plenty of people who'd love to do it for you for free. As far as I understand it, you can import your own models etc into it
    Also, could you or anyone actually answer to this? because I never got an answer to top-level comments and I'm really not sure if I'm just too boring or if I'm being censored and it's kinda bugging me.

  6. Saw Pogo live in San Diego a few years back before he got deported. Pretty good show until technical difficulties happened.

  7. Bearing, my man. Loved your channel for some time now, but hadn't made it over to your bandcamp yet. Paused this hangout at 9min, and got lost in your 2016 album. This is GREAT stuff. I know a lot of people that try to do what you did here and just fall short. Keep it up dude, come perform some of this in the states sometime dude!

  8. Bearing seems like a nice person because he always asks a lot of questions and genuinely seems interested in the people he's talking to. He lets them talk and doesn't dominate the conversation talking about himself, which a lot of us tend to do from time to time without realizing it.
    It's not too common to see a person who has a genuine interest in others like that.

  9. From Wikipedia: "Pogo is the title and central character of a long-running daily American comic strip, created by cartoonist Walt Kelly (1913–1973) and distributed by the Post-Hall Syndicate. Set in the Okefenokee Swamp of the southeastern United States, the strip often engaged in social and political satire through the adventures of its anthropomorphic funny animal characters."

  10. Well shit. If you want help animating a Bearing Sugartits Pogo song music video I would happily lend my help. That would be fun as shit. drop me a line Bearing… or pogo. or sugar tits. Whichever ends up running the show.

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