Netflix Customer Support Number 1-877-219-8032 USA – What’s Coming To Netflix November 2018 (New Netflix Shows & Movies for This Fall)

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  1. Just wondering whats makes netflicks the way it is. Cause my flatmates are thinking about getting it cause of the video shop is closing down but I don't want to get it cause its a waste of money and (in general) most of the programmes on tv are uninteresting and boring dull sence the sciene channel is closed down.

  2. Sabrina hyped me up from thew trailer but after two episodes the MC is not a likable character for me and the story was not coherrent.
    (What's good, what's bad, what are our mc's goals). too chaotic for me.
    castlevania 2 came out of nowhere and it's a little less good than s01.
    Sky tvs 'A discovery of witches' is very good. condor was good.
    outlore king and christmas chronicles look good.

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