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  1. Why isn’t Bob & David season #2 out yet?

    Netflix is producing so much god damn content recently. Spare us one of the million postapocal-Dramas and instead green light B&D season 2.

    Thank you.

  2. Bro, you forgot 1 thing, ask people to donate money for traveling expenses, also set up a wishlist for electronics.

  3. So the joke here is that Gilvin, like a lot of the people who do these sorts of videos in real life, have this narrative in their head that police are violent, aggressive thugs trying to stomp on the common man and that the video makers are brave soldiers standing up to them. When the police officer here doesn't fit the preconceived narrative, Gilvin gets frustrated because it doesn't fit his preconception, and worse, because the police officer is being friendly (as police officers usually are), it deprives him of his chance to show off and play the hero.

    The people who get offended by this video do so because they don't realize they are exactly the same, and they are the butt of the joke.

  4. that's it, go back to sleep, if it's too much trouble to protect your rights it's not worth having them and since you're not the idiots it must be the Others who are the idiots, laugh at the silly man baaaahaha baaaaa baaaa

  5. This video was hilarious. I do think its important to know your rights and to have a camera available in the event something gets ugly, but I don't think it's smart to look for trouble with law enforcement.

  6. Meanwhile in the real world: youtube search "Medford detective threatens to kill civilian". And then feel free to search for other vids of cop abuse. It happen all the time.

  7. The reason there are these types of people are because the cops don't always act this way. It seems to be a monthly event where some Wyatt Earp type thinks that a badge gives them free range to be a jackwagon.

    Beyond that, I can understand the frustration. Innocent people are being randomly detained, against their will, with no probable cause. Regardless of what the SCOTUS thinks, many of us find this unconstitutional and unAmerican and will not cooperate 1 angstrom more than we are forced by (unconstitutional) law to comply with.

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