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  1. Margaret was nothing but trash! Read her history of embarrassing her sister. She’d have never stayed with Townsend.

  2. What came across so significantly is how hard she’s worked all of her life. And, she did it with bravery, duty and above all- class!

  3. Queen Elizabeth II just continues to amaze me with everything she does/ has done and her life story.
    She’s one of the few members of he royal family who I actually respect and think deserves her title

  4. Don't forget the big fight they had. Queen Elizabeth DID throw tennis balls and rackets at Philip in anger. But, it was worse in real life. Philip was dragged back inside the cabin by the Queen. Yeah.

  5. i love english history, and i love watching english history based shows, but its more fiction than fact, but they are still enjoyable, ive watched tudors, reign, white queen, white princess and the crown, love them all

  6. the queen's husband was Greek and German royalty. With the post war anti German sentiment, it was a political decision to "anglicize" his name and I'm not surprised that he couldn't give his rather German sounding surname

  7. Why is some kid narrating this program? She doesn't know anything about the history but what whoever told her it is. She doesn't pronounce proper names and places correctly. She simply sounds upbeat like an upbeat kid on a Blog. She's not right for the role. Therefore, she must be related to somebody who's behind this show or alongside it. I am so sick of listening to know it all kids who think they know it all, all of nothing. I won't listen to this again.

  8. I feel like they’re just combining a bunch of movies, so that means they’re not real….and definitely not Elizabeth…

  9. I’m quite upset that they are replacing the cast for the 3rd and 4th seasons. The woman who is to play Queen Elizabeth doesn’t seem to have the right skills to portray her. They should have just aged them a bit for the 3rd and 4th seasons. Viewers would have been much more happy. Anyone the second season was quite sad with Margaret, as Antony cheated on her with two women, and a man. It was quite a pity because if she was given the chance to marry Peter (although It was very unlikely the marriage would be accepted) her life would have been so much happier.

  10. The only thing that suprised me is how much they smoke and drunk whiskey back in the day ! Dammmm

  11. As a Brit I have to say we are immensely proud of her. I know for those outside the UK a modern monarchy is a strange if not distasteful concept but for us she is the nation's mum – a benign, steady, reliable touchstone of what it is to be British. She has her detractors but even they appreciate a woman who is still putting in a shift for her nation at 92! Let's hope it is a long, long time yet but, my God, will we miss her when she goes!

    Thank You M'am!

  12. who the heck subbed this video? good lord, man, it's horrifying, but freaking hilarious at the same time!!! lol

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