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  1. i wanted to know what theo felt when her father touched her while trying to take her away from the house which made her yell to not touch her. why did they kept it a secret? i was so much waiting for it to be revealed and they did not show it

  2. The man in the was fear. The man was so afraid he won't himself in only to realize he was still afraid and tried to scratch his way out. And the NA meeting Luke said he's always been afraid even as a child he was always scared. that's why the tall man was attracted to him.

  3. Jay

    The man with the hat who haunted luke is apparently the husband of the woman who Olivia is in contact with regularly. Is poppy her name? Can’t remember. But that is who that is supposed to be, so I’ve heard

  4. I liked that, when they all come together at Nells casket the evening before eulogy they stand there, talk and Nell / the bent neck lady stands in the Background unnoticed. Overlooked. Alone.

  5. Hey, Spoilers below if you haven't watched it, but I'd like to touch upon the ending and give my 2 cents.

    It felt like the main theme for this series has always been death. The ghosts, the brushes with death and decay, and the characters' feelings about it. They perceived Hill House the same way they once perceived death, as this monstrous thing that swallows everything you know and loge. But by the end they realize most of the apparitions of the house were benign to some extent. The old woman, the tall man, even the decayed thing in the basement. They appeared horrifying, but in fact they were kind, curious, and desperate for contact. The mother even frames her murder of the kids' as a kindness, waking them up and preserving them in an innocent state. Finally the caretakers. It's more than possible that the wife had a miscarriage with her first child through no fault of the house, and once she had died she found her children waiting for her on the other side.

    Death, in Hill House, seems to be a transition that's as horrifying as you believe it is, yet still it's a chance to see those you loved once again. You can't turn away from life, you should live as hard as you can, but you should try to live without that fear of death.

    At least that's what I took from it.

  6. I took the flowery prose lifted from the novel at the end as Stephen attempting to reconcile that while the house was "evil" and the place where his mother and sister died, it was also the last place they were together as a family, and there were good memories along with the bad. It was once 'home', despite the horror. Especially with Mrs. Dudley's death at the end contrasting how the house had 'eaten' people and taken them away, it also allowed the Dudley's a chance to be together.

  7. Before even watching it I want to thank you for talking about this series, I just finished it and i thought to myself that if any review or analysis YouTube channel that knows a good show when they see it would make a video about it. My prayers have been answered!

  8. I don't normally comment but I just wanted to add something.

    I personally have been affected by suicide about 2 years ago.

    Watching this show I found that the big underlining theme was grief and but mostly grief that's brought about by someone you love taking there own life. Though we no as the watchers that there's more to this the Liv and Nell killing themselves that characters other then the father dont. These deaths have affected them and we spend more time then anything with them trying to deal with this grief. Steve is in denial and blames with father. Shirley has become a control freak. Theo has wall herself off emotionally. Luke turned to drugs and Nell ended up following Liv. The last EP felt right for me under these circumstances because it was more about the kids moving on finally letting go of there grief and finally able to live a full life.

    I don't know maybe I just seeing something that's not there but I found this story very personal and as someone dealing still with that grief very authentic.

  9. Nice analysis of a deeply disappointing “adaptation” of one of the most terrifying novels ever written. Whatever its inherent strengths and weaknesses, which I think you carefully point out, the series is an insult to both Jackson’s masterpiece and the genuinely terrifying film adaptation by Robert Wise. I urge anyone who hasn’t seen this film to seek it out, and hope you’ll do a video on it soon, to complement this one. Thanks.

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