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  1. The 2009 Star Trek movie is fucking UNWATCHABLE!!! Forget the Star Trek stuff, just at a basic ground floor writing level it is finger painting level of shit! I can't get past Simon Pegg as Scotty without throwing something at the screen, the only reason it did any money is because fans hadn't seen any Trek in 5 years and JJ hyped it up so that even if you weren't happy with the idea you still had to go an see it… he did the same thing with TFA.

    I don't want Picard…. I really don't. I'm even thinking of sending Amazon a complaint, just saying they have to discount my Prime membership, because I don't want my money paying for CBS crap. 🙁

  2. 3 8

    Can't believe they are calling it Star Trek: Picard………….seriously……..

  3. Star Trek Discovery once again proved that pandering to Social Justice Warriors and Feminists leads to low ratings and cancellations. Yet the Hollywood virtue signalers don't seem to be getting the message.

  4. Here is the problem: trek should have 20+ episodes a season with medium production values and lower stakes per episode to give the writers space and freedom. The other major issues: licenses need to be under one roof, not split among two or more companies.

  5. If they had half a brain, they’d take a year off to recalculate their decisions and make a PIKE show. Ignore the shitty cannon fuck ups, do the right thing and give us something good. STD season 3 sounds like Voyager, but in the future.

  6. Star Trek Discovery is like an unholy Frankenstein's monster. A pastiche of terrible, incompatible ideas, born of demented minds and crudely stitched together for the sake of making a buck. The fact that this abomination exists at all is an offense to nature. It should have been put out of its misery as soon as it rose from the operating table. I'm afraid that the Picard show will be its demon spawn, and reviled even more than STD (they're messing with Jean Luc Picard here, after all). They should do the right thing and just let them both die… It's the humane thing to do, and the world will be better for it. You just shouldn't fuck with what's right and natural.

  7. when Patrick takes STP and (at 80!) ABSOLUTELY FUGGIN KILLS IT, Netflix will be crying in their little booties that they didnt double the budget.

    people wont even gaf about Pike at that point

  8. You know, netflix might have been part of the problem, they've done some pretty shady stupid things like ruin Daredevil with someone from the CW running the thing in S3, they greenlit a program called Dear White People, and then greenlit a supportive documentary one of the dumbest political figures I've ever seen in my life, that AOC Cortez bimbo, but to think that if they, THEY would reject it, how bad must it have been?

    and even then, if its as bad as I think its gonna be, its gonna be three completed episodes before even THEY pull funding with it as their not known for sponsoring crap like netflix does.

  9. I would like to see Dr Who and Star Trek go back to their roots. Each of these shows didn't have a massive budget in the beginning but they had good writing, interesting stories and characters, with no damn political swing! They got some eggboxes and bits of glitter and made the shows. There was some rudimentary effects and they didn't need much else because the stories were good and the characters were good. Even if they were kitschy there would even be some inherent humor indirectly coming from these shows, somewhat like the old Lost in Space, or Red Dwarf, or the like. I'm sure there would be a better (perhaps even the cultish), following of these shows.

  10. God you are a good dude. You will talk trash with the best of them, but you will still tell people there is hope and they can fix things. That's one reason why I like you so much.

  11. i am a huge star trek fan from east europe!

    i have seen more than 3 times all episodes of all trek!

    but with the discovery, i could not watch more than 5 episodes…

    its on netflix here, but i just see something else!

  12. I tried really hard to like Star Trek Discovery. I was hoping season 2 would not have the giant plot holes of season 1. And I enjoyed watching season 2 for the most part, that is until the final two part season finale when, there was so much inconsistency and so many large plot holes once again, it was really an insult to the intelligence of the viewers. I really don't like Star Trek series that have a major story arc as the main focus of the entire season. I didn't like Enterprise for the same reason. If there was a season 3 of STD I would still watch it, mostly to see if it would be another train wreck at the end like the first two seasons. I am not disappointed that much in STD being cancelled (if it indeed is cancelled) the only characters I really liked were Pike and Spock (even though they did really mess up Spock's character with making him way too emo, but hey, the actor did a good job). And we know that Pike and Spock can't be in STD forever unless they totally trash canon or put it in an alternate timeline.

  13. Just green light the Tarantino script of Star Trek. What is there to lose.
    Modern Star Trek is cancerous. Tarantino might be able to do something cool if left to his mindset… And it won't interfere with what we all know as Star Trek because we already understand the toolset of Tarantino. And… It won't be all Uber SJW. That's a win.

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