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  1. All right this is just my opinion but I'm getting some my hero academia feels, now here me out the main protagonist and (villain) protagonist are forcing each other to step up and drive each other to new levels of heroics (or villiany in some cases)all though this is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt.

  2. Too bad the art design of the characters can evolve I mean the girls still look like little boys playing dress up and the two men who are in there are still wimpy looking a whipped boyfriend and a Freddie Mercury wanna be.

  3. I was just wondering if you guys ever talked about anything to do with Stevevn and his dad fusing in Steven Universe? I get that it's implied that fusing is like sex between gems, but between a human, shouldn't it be different? Because we have our own ideas of what sex is, and so that could give Steven a different perspective of fusing? I dunno this probs sounds stupid.

    Edit: accidentally said "imploed" when I meant implied.

  4. Season 1, Part 2! Let's all call it for what it really is, the second half of season one… they accidentally let that slip during one of their Noelle Stevenson promotional videos

  5. The important thing to get from this is the waiting is all but over more she ra very very soon sooo yessssssssssssssss

  6. I just hope the art work improved for the new season, the 1st season was good but the art style is so flat and has no shades or depth to it. The only fact I don't like is that they erased He-man completely and just combined him and She-ra into one character.

  7. Ok, so you guys know what DC is… and batman…


  8. The first season was kind of a trash sjw pleaser since the writers focused a bit more on diversity rather than story and animation quality. I hope the upcoming seasons are much better

  9. Honestly I'm happy that he man won't be coming into the show anytime soon. It gives the writers time to flush out the rest of the roster that the original show gave them. I've left quite a few comments and Message Board posts on theories on the matter though those who haven't watched the original show like me tend to believe that the concepts and theories I have for the show aren't things that actually existed in the original.
    I'll leave one here just in case, if the show continues past season 3 I predict that hordak and Catra won't be the final boss for the series. Instead Horde Prime or the Drark One.

  10. I’m really stoked that they are honoring the original show, but are still on their own path. He-Man is great and all, but Adora is finally getting the show she deserves and I can’t wait to see how dark it gets and what trials everyone is going to go through 💖

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