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  1. When Adam started to cum because of what Otis said i instantly think that he is gay. I mean come on, Aimee literally tried everything to get him to cum yet he couldn't. But when Otis just give him some sex advice suddenly he can? It's common sense.


    But i didn't thought he would end up with Eric tho wth

  2. James purefoy still living up to that shitty nickname that he has. Has sex with a female patient in a flashback scene.😠😿😿😿💔💔💔

  3. Misrepresentation of modern Britain. This show is as British as a high school prom! You couldn’t hope for a better encapsulation of Britain’s new-found world status as craven adjunct to the United States – and it tells us a lot, too, about the sort of Britishness the world wants to see from us.

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