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  1. "a man teaching a woman how to be a woman" I found it funny the first time, but there are a lot of comments saying this… God, Jonathan is teaching her to walk on heels… Do you even know how read? Did we watch the same video?

  2. So many homophobes here. Someone says something logical and immediately the homophobes also turn racists. Lemme get my popcorn. Anyway JVN you're doing swell, queen

  3. I T

    Loved the new series. Such a caring & loving group of 5. Best thing on tv x 😇😇😇😇😇🙏

  4. Sure, you want to be feminine, but don't you realize how stupid you look with all that on? You've got a body of a man, deal with it.

  5. Imagine men actually having to tell women how to act, dress, and walk like women… This LGBT garbage has gotten out of hand, that's a big YIKES from me chief.

    Felicity Hoffman(?) has a show coming out I know but you can't support her. There are so many people that busted their ass to get a 4.2 grade average but got turned down because of this. Please don't support people that practice greed or nepotism to the point where the poor and middle class aren't able to get an education. Please listen to and take this to heart. It's not right to allow that show to air.

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