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  1. You guys totally MISSED how terribly bad Jake Gyllenhaal's "acting" was in this movie. It was embarrassingly cringe-worthy. I can't believe you guys didn't see his "acting" as "cheesy". There were so many moments where you could tell that he was trying SO HARD. I don't trust your reviews on acting anymore.

    But, Tilda is amazing in anything.

  2. I'm not sure if I saw a different film. The Okja I saw was awful. It's inconsistent and overly acted by the majority American actors which would have suited better if purely Asian cast for the Asian market. No offense. You guys are awesome by the way. Your other reviews were pretty spot on.

  3. I love the movie, but I have to mention that monitoring device on Okja's ear. It's an hdd with an absolute waterproofing and shockproofing (Imagine if that was real). Calling Apple and Samsung. xD

  4. I couldn't get past the cheesiness
    I'm sorry
    I don't know why, but I thought it was cheesy as hell and not in a good way

    A lot of it coming from the English speaking actors so maybe certain things were just lost in translation or didn't translate smoothly, but they were just really over the top too (Gyllenhaal was hard to watch here)

    Snowpiercer had a similar problem but had better direction to fall back on and a serious tone to make those over the top performances refreshing rather than distracting

  5. Definitely agree with the point about the nod towards 'sustainable farming', certainly at the beginning of the film, the way that Mija and her grandfather were perceived to be consuming animals in a way that was obviously superior to factory farming. However, if you look carefully… at the end of the film, after Mija goes on her journey, you'll notice that the way her and her grandfather prepare food is different. She doesn't catch a fish to bring home, the chickens are free instead of in cages ("Don't scare the chickens!" the grandfather instructs adorable baby Okja). The final scene is an echo of the beginning sequence where they consume a meal with fish etc., but this time you can only see them eating vegetables. It's just such a great film, some messages are very obvious but there's a great deal of nuance as well – so much so that I'd recommend multiple viewings.

    Loved the review though guys, completely agree with everything.xx

  6. this movie was way to fucking preachy once you try to make terrorists like the ALF look like good people you loose me. More vegan propaganda

  7. Can you guys add a spoiler discussion at the end of your reviews where people who have seen the movie already can watch. I would love to hear you guys talk about specific scenes you loved and the ending in more detail. Keep up the great work!

  8. I love this movie, since I went vegan in January it really struck a chord with me, very timely themes of corporatism and animal ethics. Both hilarious and deeply haunting, and plus points for an amazing asian lead. Bong Joon-Ho is in my top 5 favourite directors this century, Memories of Murder and Mother are both underappreciated masterpieces.

  9. I watched it yesterday and it's amazing. The summer season had some big disappointments so far. There were a couple of great movies, but I was still waiting for the true masterpieces. but this week and next week are just incredible: Baby Driver, Okja, War for the Planet of the Apes, A Ghost Story and there are still many hopefully amazing movie coming out.

  10. i LOVED this film. ahn seo hyun and tilda swinton was great. jake gyllenhaal was……….unique. i would say it was slow but in a good way. the design of ojka was great. but that 1st trailer that you didnt watch was a great trailer. 8/10

  11. Guys could I suggest a new kind of video for you guys to do on your channel? Called throw back reviews where u guys review films that came out before your channel started? It would be awesome if you could (btw you guys are the best reviewers on YouTube)

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