1. disney wouldn't make sense dude. think about it, would you honestly want Luke cage on Disney? a violent, sex filled, crime fighting tv show on Disney? the very same company thats targeting families and kids? we won't be getting the same Luke cage we all love if that happens.

  2. They are cancelling these shows because Marvel and Disney is about to have their own streaming service. So Netflix will no longer be be streaming Marvel movies or shows.

  3. Disney also said they're not reviving the series on the Streaming Services. They're gone. LAME!!! Oh it was also dude to being expensive. EVEN THOUGH It DOESN'T COST Netflix Anything!…. Piss Poor If you ask me. Good Video!

  4. Awesome video! Yes, I'm so disappointed Netflix cancelled Luke Cage! I can't wait for 2018 to end! 😠😡😤😒 Netflix is starting to suck!

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