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  1. Looks pretty cool and Dustin needs to enjoy life a little more. ;-P

    Do a reaction to the Netflix movie trailer Polar – looks pretty awesome (if derivative).

  2. Hey guys! I had no idea that they were making this. I was a fan of the game show. Didn't care for the cartoon, though. This looks interesting enough to pique my nostalgia sense. I'll be checking it out.

  3. I think it’s fine they are remaking this now. I’m sure very few kids today (and even me and I’m 21) have seen the original shows or played the games. I’ve at least heard about them but have never watched them. I also had no idea she wasn’t supposed to be a “good” thief like you guys said lol. Makes sense they would change it tbh

  4. I do love the animation used for this series, and I'll still watch even if I have slightly mixed views about it. Speaking of "Kim Possible," please watch the trailer for the live-action film that will be released this February.

  5. I’ll probably watch it until i find the original cartoon also please react to the live Kim possible movie trailer I don’t wanna tell you anything just watch it lol

  6. I remember the original. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? There were the video games first then the tv shows and game show came. Man the nostalgia. I do agree with Wendy. I think it’s important for kids today to experience shows like this because they were educational aside from fun to watch. So having an updated version may be pointless for us but I hope kids today love it as much as I loved the original games and TV show. Great reaction guys!

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