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  1. My guess: Netflix doesn't take Satanism all that seriously (despite hiring wiccans to ensure it's all presented properly), at least not compared to how they take social interaction.

  2. Shes also in the new Netflix movie Silence.

    1. Bad people all whites
    2. Bad people all Christian extemeists

  3. Realism in witchcraft? All religions are fantasy and magic or "dark arts " are not real . Grow the fk up.

  4. Okay, I hate Sabrina because it's just a horrible show. They cram so much SJW into it I nearly vomited at episode 3, but whining because it's a show based on witches is like those idiots whining because Harry Potter books were in school libraries. I don't see you whining about Touched By an Angel or that new movie coming out called Breakthrough. If your starting up a new series to review tv shows or something and this is how you plan to do it then just stop. Reviewing shows this way is no better than leftists who get whiny because a show has a straight white male lead it's disgusting and revolting no matter how you lean.

  5. Yeah, Netflix's policy kinda sucks and lots of companies are following suit, because of the meetoo movement…

    And the like (aggressive feminist lobbies out-there, etc). Now, everyone's paying the price for mob justice; womentoo!

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