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  1. "And people that were worried about ethnicity and skin-color changes, you don't have to worry about ANY of that…"
    Yennifer: Middle Eastern
    Fringilla Findabair: Black
    Triss Merrigold: Black
    Zoltan: Probably Black transmale

  2. its disgusting seeing Henry being intimate with a 15 years younger indian girl. Sorry but all im thinking is PEDOPHILIAAAAAA

  3. Yo se que se basan en el libro, pero la Yennefer terrible. Ni los ojos, la gente que juega ya se acostumbro a verla así. Que sea adolescente no se parece.

  4. I think Anya age is not a problem. The more important issue is that I think she is not as attractive as Yen should be. The other thing is that her complexion is not as described in books. It should suit only to silver and black and white clothes. Also Geralt should look older! And Yen looks very young because she is using magic so actress in ther 20's will be fine.

  5. Brothers, the actor who is going to play Yennefer is somewhat accurate to the books. In the books she is described with the skin of a 20 y/o and the face of a 16 (or maybe 17 not sure and maybe it’s the other way around). It is kind of true that she lacks the strict and that dominant look, instead she looks a lot more innocent than the books, even in the game. But maybe there is a reason she got the role, just wanted to put it out there.

  6. Yennefer is over 100 years old in the books and looks like she's late 20s, early 30s at most. Aging her down or up really should not impact this character. The important part is that she has a commanding presence to anyone she's in the room with.

  7. They are still adding in black characters lol. If you all wanna be heard and try to make a change about this SJW shit take it to her twitter and let it be known don't stay quiet about it in hopes something will change, look her up Lauren S. Hissrich

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