Netflix Customer Support Number 1-877-219-8032 USA – Netflix to Tim Cook: We’re Not Paying the ‘Apple Tax’ Anymore!

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  1. I’m old school, Been with Netflix since the DVDs were in the mail.. Lol this won’t phase me at all, actually disappointed how a company can not be charge using an phone OS platform.. Let’s not for get what if hackers, steal users billing information, since Netflix’s is less secure than ITunes…. Smh

  2. Apple needs to start worrying more about hardware then taking on these mega corporations and focus on products like their boring iPhone lineups they throw out each September because like you said I can get Netflix on any device so apple needs to give me a reason it should be on an iPhone

  3. I'm sure Netflix would pay something to apple not 200 million. I hate apple products I have new note 9 my phone can do a lot more than my wife's iPhone x lol

  4. Why would anyone defend a company that rips off the consumer at every turn? Watch Louis Rossman's channel and have the Apple blind folds taken off.

  5. Great video! If Netflix was taken off the iPhone, that would not really affect me too much. I have Netflix on so many other devices such as my TV, my Kindle Fires, my Roku and Google Chrome devices. I would hate to see it leave my iPhone and Apple TV, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me.

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