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  1. It really bothers me why Luke Cage hasn't signed the Sokovia Accords, also, in season 1 he asks to Jessica, "besides the avengers, do you think theres someone like us out there?" but at that point theres like 200 inhumans running around with powers on the news

  2. I heard Disney wanted Iron Fist on their network. And the show will continue on the Disney streaming service. Luce Cage first season was good bro,don't know what drugs you are on. I would be happy with heroes for hire and don't care
    about daughters of the dragon. I would love to see all four of them in a show though.

  3. Netflix needs to keep all their Marvel shows going. Stranger Things is great, but not enough on it's own to justify the subscription for me. Especially when UK Netflix is just dumping tonnes of low-budget/quality Korean/Indian crap into our 'new release' tab.

  4. All the current MCU labeled TV shows will be cancelled and all the characters permanently dumped into TV land will be permanently disavowed so that the fans of Daredevil, Ghost Rider, The Kingpin etc. permanently ditch the MCU as a whole thus dividing the fanbase Lucasfilm In order to destroy the franchise because Disney hates making money nowadays. Case closed.

    Provided the rumored merger doesn't take place this is the future.

  5. Daredevil
    I have nothing to add. I totally agree with you. Daughters of the Dragon could always be a subset of Heroes for Hire as they do go on to eventually take over from Luke and Danny.

  6. Sorry but for a show called "Iron Fist" there weren't many of him in it. As the Immortal weapon who's supposed to be an expert in fighting Iron Fist got his ass handed to his and even times he screams, "I'm the Immortal Iron Fist!" is like a child who keeps telling you because his old man is someone rich or important.

  7. Seasons 1 of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, First half of Luke Cage = 😍😍😍

    Season 2 of all the above = 🤔😒😴

    Season 1 and 2 of Iron Fist = 😪😴😕😨

    The Defenders = 😭😖😵😤

    The actors of Jessica Jones and Luke cage save the shows from their bad writing.
    The guy who plays Iron Fist is just … Shit…complete and utter shit, and only Misty and Coleen make it watchable.

    If the writing improves for Jess and Luke then they could be on par with Daredevil

  8. daredevil is cominggg this weekenddddd. i hope youre ready and can get away from the distractions peeking about. i have yet to finish jj or iron fist s2. so yeahhh. we need our main dceu shows., defenders, dd, punisher, maybe jj?

  9. We need the Defender's to do Crossover some of my friends are getting tired that We are not getting that Defender's are not doing a crossover with the Avengers 😕👎

  10. I'm not a fan of Nexflix Marvel… especially Iron Fist. Danny Rand should have been portrayed as being more stoic and introspective. A thinking fighter… a white Bruce Lee if you will. Also, there's only so many hours in a day. Most people probably only have an hour or two after work to unwind in front of the set. With so many better options like Game of Thrones… who can afford the time to watch an mediocre series that seriously lacks action, considering these are supposed to be superheroes, outside the hardcore fan base. Netflix needs make these shows more entertaining. As it is, it's a chore to watch.

  11. I would love to see an actual Defenders movie, with the original Defenders… With Marvel Studios having the Silver Surfer back, it would be pretty cool to see Doctor Strange, the Hulk, Namor and the Silver Surfer all together in a movie…

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