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  1. When I first heard of this a couple months back I was like no way no how am I going to watch and I’m not interested! There are so many reasons…the first and really only one, would Prince approve and since he’s not here 🤷🏻‍♀️ on that alone I wasn’t interested. We know how private he was. I really do love her body of work and her. Now with this information I guess I’ll watch only because I want to hear my man speak 😔 ☔️. I’ll wait until all 6 “shows” air and then watch them back to back. I’ll stay away from ALLLLLL feedback on the documentary including yours😉💜 until after I watch them myself

  2. Fantastic this is being done! Just when I thought interest in Prince was waning apart from his true friends. I can't wait to see this. I wonder if it will be available on SKY to?
    Thank u PF. 💜💜💜🎵🎶

  3. It's awesome that prince will be the one to narrate the documentary I'm happy about that I'm sure the woman Ava will do a great job on the series I'm supporting this I hope the documentary will be about his life how he got started to board music career the relationship sides both professional and personal and what happens after ❤️🕊️😄😊

  4. It has been done before this style of documentary,,Tupacs' resurrection docu, was directed in that style. Just in his own words from never before seen interviews. That was awesome as well. You should check that out. I'am sure she will upgrade the idea even more.

  5. Time to educate some folks. Feel like there are way too many casual fans out there. Its time they know the full scope of what the man gave us.

  6. You’ve just made my day! this is Great News.
    I’m not excited…I’m now Super Excited😄
    This is what we’ve all been waiting for…Hooray😂

  7. Randy they may add live versions,the raspberry beret live version on the 1999 tour is better than the studio version.Check out Purple Underground vol 3, it's awesome.

  8. Hmmmm… Doesn't this work in the same way as a hologram, and we all know his views on that. I get that using his 'authentic' voice is preferred for realism and authority, but culturally there is this need to 'physically' bring people back, which is ultimately for the benefit of not only those who are still physically here (and possibly still grieving), but the corporations as well. Spiritually, it does not feel good.

    Prince was openly vocal about just letting his works live through him, and not trying to recreate some physical approximation (or interpretation) of said work and life. Having discussions about his impact is not a bad thing; however, the way this tends to work, It's just exploitative. To me, films like 'Lumumba: Death Of A Prophet' are great examples of how to honor beloved figures. I know I am in the minority here in this forum; however, that should not stop one from voicing concerns or views.

    I have also never seen a DuVernay film; but from those I know who have seen them (and those folks I know are political organizers who deal head on with the subjects and people she's covered), I've been told that with 'Selma' and '13th' in particular she's quite factually incorrect (or still centering the perspectives around capitalism or the petit-bourgeoisie) on several issues in those pieces (I can point you to some solid critiques if you'd like). Again, I have never seen any of her works, but given (again) folks' experience and proximity to some of the folks spoken about in these films in real life, I am more inclined to have my interest piqued.

    With that, I don't particularly trust DuVerney to cover any aspects of Prince's anti-capitalist sentiments, or any of his 'left of the left' viewpoints (or music). People speak about the 'slave' period predominately on musical terms, yet do not realize the man was more or less committing class suicide. I pray I would be wrong on this; I'm just saying I don't see it. Honestly (and very sadly) most folks discussing Prince won't even touch it.

    In terms of my own tastes on music documentaries, most of them tend to spend time heaving huge praise repeatedly, and not getting to the bottom of their humanity. The Maysles/Pennebaker film on Bob Dylan was one of the best music documentaries I have ever seen; and it was actually the first film I ever saw that inspired me to make films myself. And to me, Dylan was not seen in the most favorable light. Sometimes our 'heroes' need to be pegged down a notch.

  9. This sounds exciting ,most of the Prince fams will have seen the interviews already, unless the estate has some we have never seen .I don't have Netflix 🙁 am in U.K. so hope its shown sometime another way ,I don't even own a TV to watch it .

  10. Like the new look of your channel. I think sometimes all these ideas are happening a little too fast but as long as it looks like it's got some tlc put into it and done respectable Im all in for it. Time will tell. Thanks for sharing sir!

  11. Awww PF thank you so much for the info. So so happy to hear this great news and I’m so excited!😃 I also hope that they put this out on dvd/Blu-ray for us who wants physical copies. I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

  12. So Prince Narrated this?… Well. It should prove Intresting… IM EXCITED TO SEE THIS…The first half of 2019?.. Does this mean within 6 months . Or have i misunderstood again lol. Trying to figure out a date here…. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR KEEPING US UPDATED…

  13. This is definitely great news. I’m sure it’ll be an interesting and close to the truth documentary not like the rest of what was shown up till now.
    There is a great documentary about Kurt Cobain which was released a few years ago and it’s called about a son. It’s comprised of interviews with him, only his voice. The film is an amazing piece of art and so interesting.
    Here’s the trailer
    They used to have the whole movie on YouTube but it was probably taken down

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