1. I checked the name of the Theme on my PS3 and it says 'Growing Garden'. But I went through my download list on the PSN and it was a PSN+ only theme in April 2011, and no longer available unless you downloaded it then.

  2. How Can I get this theme? Which section is it in? can't find it anywhere. Is it region based or you need some sort of membership to be able to get it?

  3. Try the same details on their website and see if you can log in. If not ask them to forward the details of your account to your email.

  4. Can someone help me? I signed up for the 1-month free trial, put my info in correctly.
    Everytime i try to log in, it says its incorrect

  5. where the fuck is netflix? have they stopped allowing people downloading the app or something? its not in the xmb or the store. so frustrating

  6. @WhatsUpImJonny Well for me it just appeared one day last week. You could try a display reset to see if that forces it. With the system off, hold the power button down. The system will turn on (keep holding the button), then after about 10 seconds you'll hear the system beep a few times then reset. Let go of the button, and then set the display settings again. Sometimes this can bring XMB changes up.. It shouldn't, but it does work sometimes.

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