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  1. Dude… I mean, you put Luna in the videos whenever you can, and you are tired of the old name, yeah? I would assume the word you are most tired of is "Diversity" because obviously you changed it to "Comic's MATTER" right?

    So just go with Dog & Comics 😛 That way people can still refer to you as "DnC" without a hitch, and you get your new name. Or it could be "Distraction and Comics" or "Driving and Comics" (since you do car vids a lot). You could do a play on "Divide and Conquer" with "Divide and Comic" or just "Drive and Comics" (with a double meaning, because obviously you drive in a car, but you also need drive to make good comics).

    Keep workin' on it, Zack. Don't settle for sub-par. That's not what people with drive do 😛

  2. I enjoyed all 3 seasons, and was looking to Melvin Potter finally donning the Gladiator armor, guess i wont see that now 🙁
    Still fantastic show.

  3. Tbh easily my favourite Daredevil season. So disappointed that it got cancelled. Not just disappointment but it genuinely pisses me off to my core because they set up Bullseye as the next season’s villain so well! His cap with the bullseye logo in the child flashbacks was amazing and didn’t really feel too forced. Man I loved this season so much and I really am sad that it ended. Daredevil is unmatched as a Marvel Netflix show compared to the others. Jessica Jones season 1 was great but season 2 was really mediocre but not too bad. Also I like Comics in Crisis way more than Comics Matter, just saying

  4. that is so cute Luna get pictured, (that HUT guy hates you for some reason) I like the name Comics Matter but you go into different "Medias," Your talking about Netflix Daredevil that Streaming does it count as TV? then you talk about Comics, Cartoons, Movies, so shouldn't it be Splatto Del Cato Matters with Zack & Luna

  5. I really wish I wasn’t as emotionally attached to the show as I am because I just can’t handle it getting over

    That’s an exaggeration though

  6. Season 2 killed me… I just got so tired of the Blonde NOT LAWYER pretending to be a lawyer, giving lawyer advice, and getting ALL OF HER FRIENDS KILLED WITH NO CONSEQUENCES! So… yeah… I noped out and have never come back.

  7. Had to stop listening at the Nadeem praise. I hated him being the main character over Matt. If he wasn't it sure as hell felt like it.

  8. Not trusting Feige is just plain dumb. Especially considering that he didn't have a hand in the Netflix shows and the majority of them were terrible. JJ season 2 was one of the worst shows I've ever watched. Only reason I finished it was because it was so bad in a truly fascinating way.

  9. The thing about a dying man's testimony is pretty true. I'm not sure if it's federal law, or just in most state laws, or just a logical step they believe jurors will take. But they will look at someone's life circumstances, and if it's something like "the dude is terminally ill, has a month to live", then yeah, the dude's testimony is given more weight, because the chances of him lying for his own benefit (only to croak a month later, or whatever it is) are pretty much zero.

  10. Channel name is a bit wonky I would've gone with, COMICS THINK TANK. I think the first four episodes of season 2 are the best the show ever got. That Punisher arch was amazing.

  11. Season 3 sucked!!! Daredevil lost almost every fight he was in plus refused to wear his costume!. Karen page, who should have died, beat Bullseye ? WTF? No proper costume for Bullseye.. super convoluted resolution with Kingpin. Just awful!! Sorry to say… let this one go, hopefully the MCU will take him on and do him right.

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