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  1. The “life will never be the same again” part of his sermon makes me immediately think PSYOP!!! This is a line of thinking that I have been exploring recently, that perhaps there is another dimension that we aren’t seeing. What really gets my alarm bells ringing is the video of the family travelling to Portugal and Jerry apparently saying (though I can’t make it out on videos I’ve seen) that he isn’t going there to have a holiday.

  2. I suspect that one of the Royalties is involved, that’s the high cover up. All these people are links in the Royal chain/ring. Remember aswell Princess Diana wanted to reveal the truth about the Reptiles, as she called them. She got an « accident » before she could do it. And Yes there are much simulairities to the Jonbenet case. You must watch Kay Griggs, a former wife of a high Colonel of the US "dark Governement" talking about the Colorado case, as the Army used to call the Jonbennet case………………………..

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