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  1. Kev making too much money now he needs to keep his legacy clean and not ruin it with these specials stick to movies

  2. Joe Budden just mad chocolate droppa rap better than him 🤣 maybe if you ain't hate on people all the time you wouldn't be clinging to love and hip hop and this corny ass podcast for relevancy. Maybe if you didn't want others to fail you could win to 🤷🏽‍♂

  3. Money is important!!..but shouldn't be used to judge what is good..yet "Money is the root of all evil"..this world is so hypocritical..and Lucifer is a number 1 show..

  4. Kevin Hart is a hustler and i respect that but he’s not that funny and lately it seems he’s been very politically correct instead of being real. All the great comedians have been real and pushed the envelope, something that he never does .

  5. You can’t be one of the best comics and have a filter and he has not been funny for a while now… he needs to stop doin interviews apologizing to everyone 🤦‍♂️

  6. There was one funny skit. It was the gun compartment one. That was it. I only laughed because of how he kept saying, “ oooooooooooh shit!”

  7. Finally y’all are catchin up and realizing Kevin Hart is overrated you’re life can only be so interesting he has no comedic depth or valuable insight just jokey kid jokes

  8. Everything about this is the reason why a lot of guys of color, with talent, don't make it. Kev's "Too Big" now…he's "too main stream"…lol with all due respect fuck yall. I don't think you all should have reviewed this if all you had to say was negative things. It served zero purpose. Still a Joe Budden Fan, fa life

  9. I went to the show
    I wanted to leave but I thought it was because I was high
    Then I seen reviews like
    Yo, that show wasn’t good.
    I think his openers were good though

  10. It was funny. For what he’s allowed to say. Kevin is a mogul. He should just do movies. the World is too sensitive

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