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  1. I highly expect JJ to get canceled after season 3 especially since the head of the show is leaving at that point so I suspect that this will be the one show that will not end on a cliffhanger and conclude JJ's story. DD season 3 was spectacular and DD is easily many people's favorite of the Netflix shows so hopefully it gets the 4th season. LC and IF left off from such big cliffhangers that will never be resolved and I just wish they had a third and final season each to tie all loose ends. Idk about Punisher though, a lot of people seem to like it so its hard to tell.

  2. In the 80s Cage and Iron Fist always showed up together in other Marvel storylines. Not alone. Hope that they are combining them in the shows.

  3. I totally agree with you about the idea of D'Onofrio's Kingpin in a Spider-Man movie. I was telling the exact same thing to my girlfriend yesterday. I'd also enjoy Cox's Daredevil in that same movie 😛

  4. Disney is know or is founded for white washing minority stories. Luke Cage. Represents (Black) African American, Iron Fist is (Asian) American CULTURES. They talk about it show it's rough history and deep roots. So Disney will indeed twist it and water it down so it more for kids. 😐😧 If they continue it. Daredevil, Punisher, Jessica Jones are simple. They have no culture (Italian, French ect) to represent but (Yankee) White/Caucasian. Plain Captain America characters.

  5. These are the best original shows on netflix these days. It's a damn shame. Honestly the Netflix marvel universe is better than the movies IMO.

  6. Serously thinking about saying goodbye to Netflix. I feel like they’re robbing me of my money (because we pay for these shows) AND robbed me of my wasted time invested in these series.


    It’s a damn shame the shows are cancelled, consider how it ended with Luke taking over Harlem. The directions they could’ve gone with him would be outstanding, and it could’ve led to one of the greatest shows ever. My personal hope is that all these characters get some sort of closure, maybe in a final season of Defenders. Also, address the Thanos snapz

  8. Actually im pretty happy that they canceled both shows and I hope they will kill more. What a waste of budget. They where super boring to watch and slow. They stretched a 25 min show to 60 min. But I’m shocked that they canceled the break with Michele Wolf. I know, not a super hero show but it was obviously funny and had great content. I don’t get why they did that.
    I actually like super hero stuff but it should be made with more soul, quality and shouldn’t look so generic.i also want great actors that I care about. Iron fist guy was a bit Color less. Luke cage was a cool actor but boring show.

  9. I kinda want to give these a real chance now. I started iron fist season 1 and I thought it had a lot of potential but I lost steam on it

  10. Marvel is scraping everything or moving it to Freeform. You can tell by them getting Fox’s stuff. I don’t want to finish daredevil because I know it’s going to end after this season, Jessica Jones is getting a final season too. I think Marvel is going money crazy because of everything they just got

  11. Netflix has actually canceled several projects lately, including Michelle Wolf show and Joel McHale's talk shows. I suspect they are just entering a more conservative, budget oriented phase. It strikes me as most likely that Iron Fist and Luke Cage simply weren't performing, according to whatever metrics they use to determine these things.

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