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  1. I think there are two main reasons that Netflix has avoided the pitfalls of YouTube's algorithm driven descent into basal addiction: The most important is that Netflix is a curated service, and they don't pay producers to make surprise egg videos. And the second is that they optimize for more than watch time.

  2. I loved it that I am able to watch Steve Martin & Martin Short and their new special. As well as Comedians in Cars getting Coffee, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, etc. amazing shows.

  3. In general I find Netflix original content to be disappointing…I want them to be great but except for one or two they are just meh 🙁.

  4. I must admit I worry that rich philanthropists try to spend money in a way according to their limited worldview, rather paying tax and letting society decide. I am not admonishing them but merely wondering- why so much charitable work in wealthy countries are devoted to health and education, when other countries achieve better outcomes with taxation.

  5. Regarding what he talked about the abandonment of Processes in the organisation, I think better than that, keep the Processes but also keep the info about why and in what context that Process was created in the first place, and an option/flexibility to not follow that Process if the reason/context doesn't apply to the situation at hand.

  6. Game of Thrones is still by FAR the best television series I have ever seen. There are some people out there who do not like Game of Thrones, but I have never met one in real life.

  7. For someone who likes to discover and watch all kinds of movies, I find the netflix algorithm not working very well for me because the movies that the algorithm present to you are too confined and too focused. This is why sometimes I think netflix doesn't have a good selection of movies in different variety, which is not case. There should be a way to dial up or dial down the focus or the broadness of the algorithm search or recommendation.

  8. I've had Netflix since 2011 and I highly recommend it love the binge-watching if you've never been to watch you have to try it course you'd have to be living underneath them not to have at least done at once lol

  9. On the whole, Charter Schools don't produce better outcomes than Public Schools and only serve to transfer public money into private hands.

  10. They are showing programs that celebrate Abortion. 🙁 And the Obamas AND Susan Rice are now involved with Netflix. I do not support their agendas. Like many others after they found out, Im canceling my Netflix.

  11. 16:15 Are you truly trying to tell us that television has not rotted the minds of our people as a whole?? Fox News, CNN, TMZ…… These are certainly places the mind goes to rot.

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