1. Reminds me of Smokin Aces, The Boondock Saints, and Kite with Samuel L Jackson vibe looking at it maybe even a little Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle in there mix from seeing it.

  2. This movie bothers me. It could have and should have been good.
    It's not completely terrible, but the parts that are ok, basically the snowy town parts, Mikkelsen, Hudgens and the cabin action scene, don't get close to redeeming it.

    The snow town part in general (and the action scenes) can manage to be engaging. It's not great, the editing is a bit wack, and things kind of sputter along with aimless mundanity, but you know, it's ok, and some of the humor here actually works. Compared to the rest of the movie it feels like a goddamn masterpiece.

    Unfortunately it's like two movies mashed together, one that's flawed but ok and one that's just absolute garbage.
    Tonally weird and inconsistent as it swings between the two.

    The cheesy half tries to be edgy and funny, I think. Is mainly gross, obnoxious, misogynistic, lame and embarrassing. It tries really hard to be like cool scenes from other movies made by people with talent. It's like if Uwe Boll directed The Crow x Batman & Robin. It's fucking awful. Hack garbage. God. It's so bad. The worst thing I've seen in a long time. It's actually worse than most Uwe Boll movies, because those don't try so desperately to be cool.

  3. I was surprised with this movie. Very fun, 80s/90s ish comic book style action. If you liked Escape from New York, Kill Bill or even Big Boss from Metal Gear you'll probably like this. 7 out of 10 on the fun cheesey action flick scale.

  4. It was a fun film. Of course those in the film industry (solely film critics) bash it because it’s Netflix and they are against the change of how we watch new movies. They are too afraid to lose their free theatre time so they must bash everything Netflix makes or has bought the rights to.

  5. I wish I could've asked it for EP's question of the day but is there a camera man with Vic during these Reviews? Or does Vic just setup the camera at a beautiful spot then film himself?

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