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  1. You asked us to go watch this show and let you know what we think if You go back and look at while 1st episode at 7:05 into it her credit card is in the reader backwards not impressed that was a fake sale

  2. The last 2 years or so 90s bootleg Gucci, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, and even Fubu have been a thing. Alot of vintage shops sell it Round Two to be on biggest shops doing it. It's nostalgic pieces that take you back and the quality is A 1 for bootleg. Dapper Dan Culture!

  3. I think it is more of a vintage collectable thing, these knockoff were really big in the 90's, brands like Gucci and tommy, they are collected bought and sold as fake

  4. Like someone else said, there is a huge market for certain bootleg items: Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger etc. These can be rare, and have demand. If you have ever seen Round Two, their vintage store also sells certain bootleg pieces. It could be illegal, as I am not very familiar with the law surrounding it, but I doubt he is selling bootleg Gucci as "real".

  5. Items are still real clothing! It's not drugs! I think we should be able to sell fakes. Not on online. But they have to be clearly labeled as fake. They have to be sold a generic low quality cheap items.

  6. I'm sorry but he looks like a slob. And i would not buy a thing from him. And how could Netflix promote this kind of dishonesty? Smh. And how and why would we watch this when all his stuff is FAKE. No thanks I've been honest all my life and I'm too old to change now.

  7. The thing about vintage bootleg items is that they are basically "fan art". None of those designs were actually used by gucci during those times. The designs were actually used by gucci in recent years. Fake items are items that are just completely ripped off from real items.

  8. I'm from Santa fe & Just wanted to say hi & love all your videos. Hope everyone has a wonderful & productive week. 😀💃💥

  9. Sorry for the rando question Casey, but do you have any idea why volume pricing discounts only show with GTC listings on mobile and Not with 30 day?

  10. Totally agree with you. It is just wrong to deal with fake anything and stupid to put it on video that you are doing it. I would not trust some one who deals in fake stuff.

  11. I really dig the show. The bootleg thing is something I’ve seen getting more and more popular with the younger millennial crowd. It’s getting really big here too. Bootleg LV, Gucci, Versace, And even Tommy, it’s crazy.

  12. L A

    Yes, your correct. But, he is telling the public that it is not authentic. Many people can not afford the “real thing” so they will buy replicas. I guess time will tell. He does have really cool items though.

  13. I thought "bootleg" meant real, but unauthorized… like buying a bunch from someone off the back of a truck.. like stolen or diverted from where it was SUPPOSED to be sold. Not like that's any better than fake… just sayin'!

  14. Oh wow! I can't believe he is doing that. He might have been flying under the radar up until this show. Even in the screenshot you put up, check out the green "Gucci" sweatshirt tag, cheepo-depot sweatshirt. eek

  15. What are you thoughts on further saturation of the reseller market with shows like this? You mentioned Storage Wars jacking up storage auctions back when it was your thing.

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