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  1. I was hoping for something more what we saw in Shin-Chan VS Shin-Godzilla. Not some horrible 3DCGI flim. I thought it was going to be an anime series.

  2. This movie was wasted potential in my opinion.
    I mean I know that after Shin Godzilla the future of Godzilla has been set to a huge standard, but it honestly isn’t very hard to accomplish

  3. This movie was really good in my opinion. I like the design of Godzilla and the plot itself is very interesting. I can’t wait for the sequels! I give this movie a 4/5!

    Nice review by the way. I enjoy watching your movie reviews.

  4. Completely agree I wish Godzilla was in it more and I liked Shin Godzilla more too. The last bit with the giant Godzilla has me really excited for the sequel especially if he's supposed to be that giant fighting another kaiju

  5. i saw that it came out and went to my friends house to watch it 70" hd glory 😀 i have to say i enjoyed it the animation,colours,story, sounds, music worked pretty well . the protagonist anger was understandable but a bit much . im glad that they had two alien races along with the humans working together

    its a shame they were not able to get studio Orange the team behind the amazing cgi animation of Houseki no Kuni to do this series

  6. Oh darn…I assumed since its titled Planet of Monsters…A shit load of monsters would be in it….
    Never the less can't wait to see this movie!!!

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