1. Ok as much as I hate to admit this cause Gilmore girls is my favourite TV show ever , but the reboot is pretty bad in my opinion I mean it doesn't hold up to the original show

  2. One thing I always enjoyed about Gilmore Girls is it's realism. It's a story about people just living their life. One thing that jumps out at me is Rory Gilmore. I absolutely love how she grows up to be.. nothing at all. She was pampered her entire life by everyone in her family, and even a lot of the people in her home town, went to the best schools, valedictorian of her class, went on to Yale University.

    But the Rory we see in "A Year in the Life" (AYitL) was not the culmination of all that pampering and success you'd think you'd see, or at least what you'd think a TV show would bring you. She didn't grow up to be the worlds best journalist like Christiane Amanpour.. or how any other show would probably portray a Yale bound character: at least moderately successful. No, In fact, she's not much of anything at all by age 32. She's a drifter. The world did not pamper her like her family and town did so now she's stuck not really knowing what to do. Yes, she wrote "Gilmore Girls" by the end of AYitL, but that's it, she just wrote it. No indication on how successful it may be.

    I like this because that is the kind of thing you'd expect from real life. Most TV show's and movies depict their main characters as very successful.. even pushing the boundary of Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Thats very boring, but Gilmore girls didn't take this route, and I appreciate that.

  3. I never once watched Gilmore Girls, but from watching the commercials I always assumed Gillie (?) was Loralie's (?) daughter.

  4. hmmmmm….I don't want to get all triggered or anything, but you seem a little judgy and unfair about this…..I mean, a year in the life isn't a stand alone series, you have to watch the show in order to get it.

  5. You're not far off from your initial responses. The problem is you're looking it at the lens of "This is a brand new series" rather than taking into account the 7 years of development that happened nearly 10 years prior.

    Without taking the 7 seasons of the original series into account, of course none of this is going to appeal to you. It'd be like coming fresh into "season 4" of Arrested Development – you probably won't catch much character development or understand their motivations.

    One of the things you're dead on about is how terrible Rory (aka Gillie) is. Her character was completely tarnished in the last couple seasons. To minimize Emily's loss isn't fair though, whether she's rich or not. You probably already caught that she was a house wife, who obviously made sure her first and main priority was taking care of her husband. The mansion and her activities were just extracurricular.

  6. Dude, you´re totally right that the reboot sucks, but i think you didn´t get it tho:D
    I mean if you like to make a video about at least watch the fucking show. I mean there is no fucking Gillie and she isn´t the sister but the doughter. The name of the village is written on a sign that appears in one of the first frames, even in you own video:D
    Plus, everything you said about Emily frankly is bs, she is allowed to be sad in the case of a death, or wouldn´t your fiancee be sad?

  7. Honestly Loralai was annoying in the og as well, she was so selfish, the bad way she talk to her mom, her trying too hard to be a cool mom and for god sake she had a corny ass answer for everything! She was rude as fuck and everyone forgive her just because "oh you are so beautifull and funny, Loralai", Also the characters in the show can spend hours talking about how pretty she is… I can see her I get It, ok?, you don't have to remind me that every 15 minutes!

  8. I think people saying "you need to watch the original series, that's why you aren't getting it" are misguided. This revival was clearly set out to be a way to make fans excited sure, but also a jumping on point for people who were interested in the series otherwise it wouldn't be marketed as a kind of reboot/revival. If you are doing this formula, then you can't make it so your audience has to do homework by watching the original series. It's like when Doctor Who revived itself with Eccelston. Their were many many seasons worth of DW before the revival, but they relaunched it in a way so that new viewers didn't have to go home and watch all the other seasons to "get it". This show's revival doesn't do that. Sure fans might get it but the writers are doing an awful job trying to translate that feeling to new viewers. And you can't tell me that this revival was ONLY for fans of the original series. I guarantee that new viewers were also something they were after.

    P.S. The fact that most of the two protagonists' awful actions are justified by people saying "they have doing that all this time, if you watched the original series you would think it was funny" is kind of disturbing. So what if I watched the original series I would think that Gillie treating her boyfriend like he is trash or Loreli treating her staff members the same way is funny? Original series or not, awful people are still awful and they still aren't funny

  9. Listen, the year in the life series doesnt do the “Real” gilmore show justice, as a hard-core gilmore fan , even I was very very dissapointed with the year in the life. Their acting, the scripting, everything doesnt reach the level of the iconic show that was made from the beginning. Watch the first episode of the first season and you Will see the difference, the year in the life stank. But the thing you wrote in the beginning, “sentence, witty response, sentence” was kind of funny 😆

  10. If you had watched the original the dialogue and characters would make much more sense. Rory and Lorelei did not have money until they decided to let Richard and Emily back into their life. Also calling the characters by the wrong name is just childish, ironic considering you were commenting on the maturity of the main characters. Oh well, Gilmore Girls is a good show regardless of your opinion.

  11. Hope she left you. You clearly put very little effort into understanding her favorite show and then made a video about how stupid you think it is. You aren’t 100% wrong but you are clearly a jerk

  12. Okay i try not to leave controversial opinions in comment sections bc 86% of the time it's not worth it, but god i really need to get this off my chest. I get it, lots of fans are upset that he critiqued it for being bad and that you need to watch the original series to "truly appreciate the revival". However, if you're beloved show CANNOT stand on it's own to literally anyone out of that specific audience it's catered to (the og fans), you have no right arguing that it is a competent piece of media. I get the aspect of "truly appreciating" the show knowing the backstory, but the show literally can't stand on its own-you can't deny that. In my opinion, you shouldn't need to know the backstory behind a show to make it fucking tolerable. Here it's being critiqued as a show, NOT a revival. And honestly if you're defending this awful show, fuck dude idk what to tell you but more power to you if you enjoy a revival series.

  13. I loved Gilmore Girls but I basically hated everyone except for Luke. Rory was okay until she went to college but basically everyone was unlikable and I still enjoyed it somehow.

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