1. If daredevil was to end I would like to get 2 more seasons and daredevil should be put in a team show like marvel knights or defenders or maybe in a avengers movie or just be a supporting character

  2. Love
    Daredevil it's safe
    i watch it with my cousins
    n brothers if pretty good!

  3. Disney should wait till DisneyPlay gets to the level of Netflix so they can sell all their stock in Hulu and increase the budget on the DisneyPlay show. Then they can bring everything marvel to DisneyPlay like Runaways, Cloak and Dagger, The Netflix Shows and more this would also mean REAL CROSSOVERS like what Tony in the comments said. And you don"t need to worry about adult show being on DisneyPlay just make a kids side and adult side like Netflix kids and Netflix Adult settings.

  4. In my opinion Daredevil will end with season six and also, i strongly believe that we will have the chance to see the man without fears in future Spider Man movie and also Vincent's Kingpin, that will be awsooome

  5. While I do understand where you are coming from, I do fear that Disney will reboot or even recast these said shows. I don't want that to happen. Everyone is happy that a possible crossover between the shows and movies is happening, but they also need to consider the downside of it all…AND I still want to get all these shows (MCU or not) on DVD to add to my collection. Chances are that – being aired on a streaming service – that we won't be getting that (anymore), which would be a shame…

  6. If Disney doesn't create the show Netflix has nothing. Hulu is the real future of streaming. Disney already said that the fox properties that don't fit Disney will be on Hulu.

  7. There's no way that this can be a strategic movie by Disney. It's too coincidental that this happens right after Disney acquired Fox assets and it's Marvel characters back.

  8. I would like to come foward as one of the 'few' people that thinks Jessica Jones season 2 is great, the whole mother/daughter narrative along with Malcolm's continuing addiction issue (and Patsy's). And no one seems to be mentioning the stellar performance by Janet McTeer. Also if the Netflix shows are truly over I believe Defenders season2 needs to happen, combining all heroes to take down Fisk for the final time. Think of the possibilities: Daredevil wants to kill Fisk but Iron Fist wont let him corrupt himself, Luke Cage want's to bring down fisk but Misty and Colleen want to bring him down. Throw in something about Punisher hunting Mike Donovan who seeks help from Jessica Jones and you have the perfect finale to the Netflix side of the MCU

  9. Well, DD, Punisher and JJ are the superior shows, so as long as they are safe, i dont care about Luke or Danny, on less they make Heroes for hire

  10. Marvel is done on Netflix period all of the shows will end. Now will they all be picked up on the proposed Disney streaming service or Hulu is the big question.

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