Netflix Customer Support Number 1-877-219-8032 USA – FOX Makes MAJOR Announcement! Conservative Netflix On Its Way

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  1. I dunno about this one.
    FOX has always touted itself as "Fair And Balanced", etc.
    Now they're hyping this as the "Conservative Netflix"?
    That Press Release might have given its critics exactly what they needed to sink this before it has even started.

  2. You know why, because they know the left is dead. So they will get on the rights side and then start pushing their propaganda again. It all starts over again. Wake up people. The left right paradigm is a scam.

  3. I love the idea… I love the concept… I just don't like having to pay. By the time you are done paying for All of the different things you like to on your phone, tv, home, car, I am so sorry this could an arm and a leg. There has to be a better way. I know you have to be paid, fox doesn't want to sponsor this? This just seems so ridiculous that we are all so divided that we have to have different news channels.

  4. Here's a big hint Fox you currently have too many liberals on your payroll not to mention all the liberal guests you have on all the time on a regular basis. Conservatives are not interested in what liberals have to say period.

  5. This looks good 👍. Why should the left continue to control all media or entertainment on the tv it’s about time some rich people with balls create something to counter there BS

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