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  1. You’ve got the worst informations from biased sources who are fond of twisting REALITY from LIES. Every images of dead people you’ve shown were DRUG ADDICTS who fought with Police Officers conducting raids. Crime rates went down, neutralization of drug pushers & users surrendered except for those who were killed & been trying to escape from the Police using ILLEGAL FIREARMS. Some of the Philippines TRUE History repeat itself. Spreading TWISTED informations & Black Propagandas and hiding the TRUTH BEHIND THE HISTORY during Marcos Regime done by the Aquino Family because of power & jealousy! The Aquinos sold some achievements & projects of Marcos which he called government properties ‘cause he said it’s for the Filipino People. The Aquinos gave some to their relatives who never paid taxes for a long time during Aquinos Regime. No wonder why President Duterte questioned them and asked to pay. And excuse me Ms. Maria Ressa, you’re really fond of lying infront of the public! You weren’t arrested because of being a Journalist and it’s not about Press Freedom issue! The truth was, she were arrested because of ONLINE LIBEL CASE. She violated a CONSTITUTIONAL BAN ON FOREIGN OWNERSHIP OF NEWS MEDIA. She was released after paying her bail. She was arrested again on VIOLATION OF THE FOREIGN EQUITY RESTRICTIONS (SEC Case). Another, she’s facing 5 COUNTS OF TAX-RELATED CASES before the Court of Tax Appeals and Pasig Courts and a CYBERLIBEL CHARGE before a Manila Court. About De Lima, she was’nt convicted as a CRITICS OF THE ADMINISTRATION. The fact is she was convicted with THREE DRUG CASES. One example of her drug cases is, she was arraigned on CHARGES OF ILLEGAL DRUG TRADING AT THE NEW BILIBID PRISON WHEN SHE WAS JUSTICE SECRETARY. You will never come to read these informations on biased mainstream media & social media. You’re free to ask the Majority of the Filipino people. The people who witness the good changes in our country. Only few people who supports the opposition has a little understanding because of their beliefs and I respect that.Try to visit the Philippines, you’re free to observe as long as you want.

    And if you can spare a little of your time reading this article, please do:

  2. Delima put into jail because She is Druglords protector. Not because shes against the president.
    Don't be ignorant Mr.Hasan… (Masangsang ang amoy)
    Do more research.

  3. And where did you get that idea? An article from rappler? Maria Ressa a well known liar? And a biased media! Wtf!
    Oh, please before you share some bullshits, dig more research. There many reliable sources of what are the real happenings here in the Philippines. Broadcast media only shares the flubdubs, and not the huge accomplishments of our dear president. We don't need a decent one, but has no balls to fight for us. And do nothing in his term, and just play a video game to kill time like noynoy. Tatay Digong; He bad mouth a lot but he has a heart for his fellow countrymen especially to the poor ones. 16 million Filipinos choose him, and we believe in him. We are proud of him 👊👊👊
    We love our presidents imperfections, and you people have no right to belittle him.

  4. He spits the truth, and diehard sisters supporters (DDS) are cringing against Hasan. But Hasan is just speaking truth and I hope he continues to do so. It takes an outsider to point out what is wrong with us Filipinos.

    We Filipinos should not sell our country to China.

  5. as a Filipino who voted this mid term elections, Hasan was just stating facts! he forgot to mention that one candidate, Imee Marcos, faked her credentials. She’s been convincing people that she graduated from Princeton University, when the University itself denied those claims! She even said that she earned a law degree in the University of the Philippines which was also denied by the University as well!

  6. you're a moron and not so funny .. I think you should go to the Philippines .. and talk to the people . . educate yourself..

  7. How about you stop being ignorant, and mind your own fucking business. You come here in philippines a 3rd world country, live here for your whole life and see it for yourself on what's life here. Another thing humour and ridicule are two different things. Your channel is not about humour is all about ridiculing being hypocritical humanism, ignorant, one-sided, self-satisfactory morality and minding other country's fucking business.

  8. Look at all those comments by DDS trolls trying really hard to discredit this guy. Too bad for them, his viewers are not gullible unlike most Filipino netizens.

  9. Omg you're a joke. U need to research on your topic before u talk about it. This video is misleading. You're not even funny u clown..

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