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  1. For some reaon I imagine the original show (cast/set etc) but with the content of CAOS :
    Satanism, canibalism etc.
    Like sweet 90s Sabrina laughing, hailing Satan and then killing someone.
    Would make everything even weirder than CAOS dark setting…ohhhh and a laughing track in the background!

  2. I was OBSESSED with Melissa Joan Hart's "Sabrina," but this new one is SO GOOD in a totally polar opposite way. Love how Chilling Sabrina had a Archie comics Thermos in an early scene. This new show is not for kids, that's for sure.

  3. I’ve never seen Sabrina the teenage witch because I wasn’t around when it was on. But I loved the chilling adventures of Sabrina. I didn’t like some of the gore tho😂

  4. I must get warm with the new dark Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. That is not a episodic series. It´s a cinamatic. But is way better as the ne Charmed. And Salem should talk :))

  5. the new show sucks, I like the nineties one with talking salem, and I love Riverdale, this show is horrible from it's off casting, Sabrina could be so much cuter, like Betty from Riverdale, the casting of aunt Zelda is spot on. I disagree with the inclusion of Satanism in the lore of Witchcraft in this show, Satan doesn't exist, it's a misinterpretation of Baphomet, by the church, and the Scientists that formed the Illuminati, Newton, Gallileo, they were Alchemists, Witches are just chemists, having to do with the mixing of herbs , alchemy was the pursuit of changing the atomic weight of elements. Lucifer was a real being, but an alien stuck on earth during a revolution against his alien overlord

  6. The show makes men seem either pathetic and useless or villains. I'll try to give it a chance but almost every episode has a cheesy and obvious anti-male agenda. I was anticipating this show becoming a modern buffy. Kicking demons and demi-gods(and goddesses) asses. Very disappointed.

  7. Great comparison vid! I love the 90s show even if it did falter after she went to college. I'm also looking forward to seeing the Netflix show.

  8. The netflix adaptations is alright but nowhere near the the original. The tone is much darker and it tries way too hard to be politically and religiously edgy/provocative… It seems to be marketed more toward current teens as opposed to original Sabrina fans. I can see current 12-13 year olds really liking this show. I watch it as well but more so because I have nothing else to watch at the moment… 6/10 from me.

  9. What if the gargoyle king is really the dark lord.they do look similar.ang that farm thing is just another coven . Ethel might want to become a witch

  10. As a Pagan and Wiccan Associating my Religion with Satanism Pisses me off but in the End I hope People understand its just a TV show. Sadly you might be right, Satanism is not Wicca. Satanism is a form of Christianity. If they had her Bargaining with Surtur or Worshiping Typhon or Set I be happier. We got Gods both evil and good some more interestingly a human Mix Like Zeus.. Zeus would worked better for the story as he does all that creepy evil stuff especially with young women that say no but can also act good.. But no they Associated Witches With Satanism..Head hurts…

  11. JD

    Not sure if Salem is a goblin. Sabrina does mention going after a different kind. We do hear a certain bird talk so we might eventually hear Salem talk in the next season/part 2

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