1. Hey guys! Subscribe to the channel for more Rad videos like this and also not like this lol! but let me know If you want to see more racap vids! Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!

  2. Appreciate it started watching season two stopped first episode and was like"fuck I forgot everything hopefully there's a recap on YouTube" then presto found you. Thumbs up

  3. Great recap, short and sweet, It's been way too long between the season 1 and 2 releases. Not my place but I suggest you think about changing/shortening the title/at least having Castlevania as the first word (or at least for the next few days before you wanna change it back to match your regular upload titles.) I'm not sure what will get clicks right now but that sounds about what I would look for. You were the 6th video when i searched "castlevania recap." Great video, you covered everything important and you deserve the clicks for not wasting peoples' time on a 10+ minute video recap. Push for views while the time is ripe.

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