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  1. It was a disaster…I think the writer had a fun movie in mind and ayer wanted to make something like Training Day🤔 in our Review i called it Expensive piece of Shit😂😂😂

  2. I liked it.  I did feel like it was struggling. But I liked the attempt!  It was gritty, and was trying to merge Middle Earth elements with Training Day.  I know that if companies keep getting bad reviews from comic-con goers.  They may wake up one day and decide not to do anything on the superhero/supernatural.  They have done it before.  So I think we should be grateful for the attempt!  Love you guys,  Robert.

  3. @BreakingBanter when will you guys upload your top 17 movies of 2017? I really cant wait. you guys are like my only favorite movie review channel 🙂
    this is my top 10 :
    honorable mentions :Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Coco. The Square. that's all i can think of now 🙂 here we go :
    10: Faces Places
    9: Phantom Thread
    8: A fantastic woman
    7: Loveless
    6: Get out
    5: Shape of water
    4: Dunkirk
    3: The Florida Project
    2: Lady Bird
    1: Call me by your name ( still not over it 😢😢)
    best performances of the year : Timothee Chalamet
    Saoirse Ronan.
    best direction : probably Christopher Nolan, i find it difficult to admit cause i never really liked his movies😅 I also loved Luca's directing in cmbyn. andthat of Del Toro's in Shape of water.
    what do u guys think about my list?

  4. One of the worst films of the year. Please, keep Ayer away from DC, or like any movie really. I don't get who the F read that awful script from Max Landis and thought it would be a good movie.

  5. Scheme of this movie could be worked up to a masterpiece if processed by 3 digit IQ. Creating this kind of development is way too complex for action comedy. They just picked up present-day society and threw there some fantasy characters .

  6. Bailey's face when Jay mentions the budget is priceless.
    It was 90 million not 100, but it still is a lot of money for the dumpster fire we got in the end

  7. I was into the world building, but most everything else didn’t really work. I was entertained enough but wouldn’t watch it again.

  8. The only problem I personally had with this movie was the pacing, as in some parts it felt like it was burning through the plot and like you said, some parts felt slow. But, the action isn't god awful and I like the humor and heart to it. Plus, I didn't necessarily feel like orcs are just all evil, but more like they got the shaft in life because everyone thinks they are bad (kinda how racism works). What kinda felt weird to me though was the elf part of it. I mean, it felt a bit like it was a parallel to…white supremacy/Aryan race?

    Edit: Yeah and I also gotta admit I do agree with the fact that the tone of this movie was a mess.

  9. Bailey’s face when he heard how much this film cost! 😝 Priceless! Seriously though, well done on trying to explain what it could of been, I know that part was difficult. I agree with you guys on the many, many issues this film had and with David Ayer’s and what he said about Suicide Squad. What your excuse now David Ayer! 😔

  10. Well I respect your opinion and all but it seems to me you guys and all the critics are hell bent on hating this movie also hell bent on defending star wars the last jedi even though the movie wasn't very good. And your falling into the same trap as the critics there's a huge difference of opinion between critics and general audience that's not a good thing. General audiance should be able to trust the critics but you guys seem hell bent on hating every genre movie that comes out and a lot of audiences end up enjoying these movie. It could be two things either audiences like bad movies or critics are being unfair to genre movies (Except disney marvel, star wars) like Justice League and King Arthur (Note I also disliked justice league but a lot of people didn't) or and also you guys overpraise award or indie movies like wayy too much then you should. A lot of these award winning movies greneral audiances will find unwatchable or boring I mean honestly you guys talk about Dunkirk like it's the next forest gump or shawshank's redemption when in reality it's an average movie and a shit movie compared to something like saving private ryan or shawshank's redemption. Also your reviews come off as really pretentious I get you guys are trying to be filmmakers but shitting on every genre movie that comes out won't help you do that. You can't be a good filmmaker by putting other people's movies down. You need to understand what audience like and not what the critics will like. Blade Runner was a good movie which did terribly at the box office. Also if you guys continue to dogpile every genre movie and overpraise every indie/award movie I don't think I can trust you guys any more. Cause it seems to me your only a critic for the genre movies and not the Disney, Marvel, Indie/award movies. All I'm saying is stop being unfair to genre movies you need to understand there's nothing wrong with a genre movie with just being fun, it doesn't have to be the next dark knight or titanic. Also stop overpraising movies like dunkirk or star wars you guys know there are problems in those movies. This is just my opinion I still like you guys but just be more balanced in your reviews see these movies as audiences and not critics. If I wanted critics I would go to metacritic or rotten tomatoes not youtube. Wish you guys well.

  11. I didn't think it was "fucking terrible", but it probably disappointed me more than anything else this year because of the gulf between the film it is and the film it could have been.

  12. Hit the nail on the head guys
    This movie is easily one of the worst films of the year

    Despite all the exposition, the world of the film still managed to be really ill-defined and stupid, complete with really dumb references to the Alamo and Shrek that are at the expense of the story

    You guys also didn't even mention the really bullshit, cliché elf prophecy that is just introduced out of nowhere in the 3rd act of the film, as if that entire plotthread was a complete afterthought.

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