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  1. Set in the dark, early days of a zombie apocalypse, BLACK SUMMER stars Jaime King as Rose, a mother torn from her daughter who embarks upon a harrowing journey to find her. Thrust alongside a small group of American refugees, these complete strangers must find the strength they need to fight their way back to loved ones. But in order for Rose and her team to brave this hostile new world, they will need to make brutal decisions to contend with zombies – and each other. Season 1 of Black Summer premieres April 11 on Netflix!

  2. Love it very little drama and lots of action finally some fa s t moving zombies that Poor dumb man on top of the bus I would have left him to .I know just a movie but the actors made to make some stupid moves.yes I still watched it

  3. L T

    Zombies cant open doors in this movie 😐. If their in ur house just run out and close the door n ur good

  4. Every single movie = white female as main character, black dude as romantic interest. And an Asian women in order to capture more audiences since u know, there’s a shit ton of Asians(over a billion Chinese) its smart to cater to them and get their views. But the problem is, they never show a black women or an Asian man. This shit is like power rangers all over again. Black dude as black power ranger. Asian girl as yellow power ranger. The rest are all white.

  5. This series is rubbish because the protagonists they make the most stupid worst decisions. they do not know how to shut the door.
    I've seen until the third episode I just will not continue.

  6. The pilot was great.. Just finished episode 8 The Stadium…. They've killed off all but 3 of the original in 1 FUCKING SEASON…..

    1 HUGE SIN

    Everyone on the show is retarded as fuck but the black guy..yeah… Shoot 30 rounds into body… Dont bother double tapping the head. There are multiple scenes in the last episode of the season where zombies take probably 100 rounds and keep on coming

    This falls into almost bad B movie territory the type of shit you used to watch in 1993 on the USA network at 2am followed by Night Of The Lepus and anything involving giant irradiated ants.

    Could have been great…
    Might see a season 2…but past that no

  7. so 28 days later style zombies, Runners are back and iam guessing quicker to change to zombies as well might be good

  8. C C

    Am I the only one that found it boring and hard to follow? Only watched episode 1 and I found it slow and had scenes that were unnecessarily extended. And did they seriously get a Chinese actress to play a Korean? She didn’t look Korean at all, not even the slightest.

  9. This show sucks the army guy black man needs to go on the walkingdead! Hes cool every one else sucks! I hate that dumb blonde! It's a kid the black guy was right it was bait! She a dumb bitch who I hope dieds soon!

  10. Jesus fuck.. does every 5th scene have to be of that pale-ass bitch walking slowly and quietly through some random area.. this bitch needs to die.. now…

  11. I lost interest after about a half hour into it. I don't accept zombies will ever run and I got tired of the introductions of the characters, on top of no know how things like this ever start to begin with. Come on people.

  12. This show is so dumb, 3 episodes in i want to slap most of the characters across the face due to their illogical, irrational behaviors. Holy shit! 2/5 at best

  13. This show sucks, there is literal parts where the editing is so bad that you can even see floating blood from a zombie corpses head that is lying on the ground, the plot is so dumb, there's a sense of kill or be killed throughout the whole series and In the last episode(spoiler ahead!!!)

    We literally see groups of random people all coming in different directions with all types guns and nobody shoots each other or speaks for that matter, also people don't know how to shoot a zombie in the head, they literally all shoot at the one zombie with automatic rifles and it at least takes like 5 seconds before it finally goes down when over 6 people are all shooting it(in the chest area!), fair enough if you like the show or if you disagree but I just thought that overall it sucked!

  14. I much prefer running zombies rather than slow stumbling dummies. You don't have time to react or make a plan.

  15. Finished the tv series in one sitting. It's one of my favorite ones already and it tops the walking dead of recent seasons. I feel this is true zombie entertainment we longed for since 28 weeks. The characters are very likable and you can get the feel for their survival.

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