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  1. I was thinking where the hell that plague came from? I am blinded by this movie, She only got pregnant and the story begins, and ended in a facility of blind. Is it show survival thing?

  2. hush: can't hear
    bird box: can't see
    don't breathe: can't breathe
    a quiet place: can't speak
    raven: can't swim
    math: can't answer
    language: can't understand

    like: can't say no

  3. All I'm seeing is people who loved it or hated it. I thought it was half decent. Plenty of creepy/erie scenes. You had to suspend your disbelief at some points though. Overall it was entertaining. 7/10.

  4. This movie was lame and anticlimactic but it is pushed down the public's throat by the monopolies of media, netflix and YouTube.

  5. It’s like in the 2nd Deadpool where the grandma points the gun at the wall when Deadpool scares her in the last part of this trailer

  6. O filme BIRD BOX dava pra se tornar uma série iria dar muita visualização e seria muito bom por que é filme de ficção e de descobrimento aí é muito bom por favor fais a série eu espero um ano o tempo que for preciso blz obrigado pela atenção

  7. I enjoyed the movie a lot! Except the black guy acting is really bad. That kind of ruined it for me. Should have give that role to rick from the walking dead 🤣

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