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  1. Very helpful summary! Thank you. I subbed. I would like to know your take on the new movie “game changers”. Hopefully it will be available soon! I am excited about it.💚

  2. I am constantly informing people of these movies. They notice I’ve lost weight, I tell them I eat a high carb oil free vegan diet, and I only inform them because they ask me, but they don’t watch the movies. This guy asked me if he could borrow my book, he was bringing corned beef sandwiches to work, and he gave me the book back and told me he was going to try keto…. 😡

  3. Although Vegan and WFPB are close to each other they are not the same thing. I've been on a WFPB diet for about a month now, but unlike Vegans I do use a small amount of honey, and I would not get rid of my leather garments. There are vegans out there who still eat a lot of processed foods, where WFPB people do not eat processed foods.

  4. I think you are great. I can't believe that some of the comments are focused on your appearance. Very immature. We should value people for what's inside, not outside. I expect more from vegans…I believe vegans to think more deeper, but some are clearly without soul

  5. Thanks for the list of all these documentaries.  People have told me about them here and there, and then I forget to watch them because I never made a list!!  Now I can use yours!!!  Thank you very much!!!   🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing. It is good to have a gentle approach to the issue sometimes. I am 69 years old and vegetarian since witnessing my father slaughter pigs and chickens regularly on our small holding. It left me deeply traumatised (diagnosed with zPTSD 50 years later. I went fully vegan ,4 years ago. I know what happens to animals at slaughter and resisted watching 'Eazrthlings' (not on your list). I had no idea of the cruelty that goes on in the exploitation of animals for food and leather/fur/feather theft. I could noit watch it in one go and cried for a full 20 minutes at the horror. It is truly horrific what people do to animals LEGALLY in the UK and all over the world. If you end up being brave enough to watch it and bear witness to the reality of animal suffering, you would have to be a very hard-hearted person NOT to go vegan. IMHO one cannot consider oneself an 'animal-lover' or 'kind person (which most meat and dairy eaters like to think they are) if one continues to pay for and crest the 'demand' for all this violence and cruelty. Yes start gently, but start to get educated on the reality of what you eat and put into your bodies including the stored stress and trauma in slaughtered meat. No wonder there is so much sickness in the world x Namaste x

  7. I'm a 59 year old ex-smoker , ex-junkie , ex-meateater since one month and I discovered veganism and at the same time Mindfulness and I feel great and I feel good about not eating animal-based foods that contribute to the cruel food multinationals offer that damage our health directly ( the food is unhealthy ) or indirectly ( climate-change caused by cows and deforestation trough turning the jungle into farmland , soy for cowfood ) and I just want to talk about the documentary What the Health and Cowspiracy , also great documentaries that support plant based food ! Also I have to thank Mindfulness for learning me how to meditate , a great way to relieve stress and pain and I feel great even if I just started one month of eating vegan I feel the changes in body and mind ( I'm bipolar and thanks to veganism and meditation I am tapering of the harmful drugs my shrink prescribed me so I can turn other "mentally ill" people about quitting meat and dairy !

  8. You probably provide some good info here. I started to watch your video but stopped because I find your nose "bull ring" far too ugly and distracting. No sub from me.

  9. Hurdles dealing with your kids? That's pathetic. You buy and prepare the food. Do the right thing. They might not like it at first, but they won't let themselves starve and will eventually eat. Mine ask for things now that they wouldn't touch before. The 5yr old asks if we can have curry! I went to low meat consumption 2 years ago, to ovo-pesco-vegetarian(always been lactose intolerant) last year, and to whole foods plant based in January. The kids eat what I eat, and they don't complain. Give them the gift of health.

  10. I'm studying psychology and diet is 100% helpful for mental health. Nutrients have a large effect on energy, concentration, happiness, motivation, anxiety levels, the list goes on. Nutrients can not treat a mental disorder alone but it definitely has a helpful impact. As someone who experienced a milder (but longer duration) form of depression called dysthmia, I found diet, exercise and sleep to have a huge impact in my wellbeing #veganforlife #healthiswealth

  11. Thank you for your list. I'm excited to try a few new ones. I absolutely love The Forks Over Knives video, and that is the way of eating that I follow. You seemed to have covered all the documentaries that I know of. I am very excited to watch a few new ones: "Eating You Alive", "Eating Our Way to Extinction", and "Carnage".

  12. I'm glad I found your channel. I love supporting underground Youtubers and seeing the growth with their channel and message. You're channel is going to grow for the better. I claim it! Just stay consistent and you will get there.

  13. I have seen two 3 of the films you listed and last night I saw "What The Health" and I am looking for "Eating You Alive". I do not know if Eating You Alive is on Netflix.

  14. Just watched this video and it was very helpful with resources for me to follow up on. And also: You are a dear sweet girl and your loving heart shows through very brilliantly. You made me smile when you signed off and blessed us. Thank you for making this video and may Yah bless you abundantly as well.

  15. What the Health, the follow up to Cowspiracy is now streaming on Netflex. Very good. Agreed that processed foods need to be eliminated from our lives, but getting meat out of the diet is a great place to start! Thanks for Sharing.

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