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  1. As an effects demo Terrifier is pretty good, as a film it's awful. Same goes for The Void. Haunting of Hill House was dope though, for sure.

  2. hush was pretty good, it was one of the first movies i watched on Netflix lol no clue why i remember that. hill house was good, ill definitely go back and watch it because after the first couple scenes it felt like i just got thrown all this information, i'm sure watching it a 2nd time would be much better. the siblings and all the flash backs got all tangled up in my mind so it was hard to keep track.
    the void tho. omfg i absolutely loved it. what really did it for me was all the makeup, costumes, props, etc that went into it. i favor a movie that uses real effects over CGI. train to Busan is my favorite zombie movie, the father/daughter part of the movie was so real and much more believable, unlike world war z where the dad can do absolutely everything.
    terrifier i LOVEDDDDD!!! story wise, at the end kinda fell, but it's Art's character that really did it for me and kept me watching, the actor played him up so damn well!! also loved the gore aspect too. all the creep movies and green room were pretty good too. the invitation was not what i thought it was going to be, haven't seen it in a while so i've forgotten some aspects of it

    never seen monster or a dark song, added to my mental list! 🙂

  3. Looking forward to watching some of these 👻😱. Have you ever watched the original black & white horror movie, The Bad Seed? I first saw it 50 years ago & it still creeps me out. I love B&W horror.

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