AOL Desktop Gold Support Number 1-877-219-8032 USA – How to uninstall (remove) AOL Toolbar (search, homepage)

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AOL Desktop Gold Support Number 1-877-219-8032

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  1. When We first did NCIC checks patrolling the roads from the cruiser it was by radio and learned to use a laptop on the job. Still learning.     What we have an issue with is everytime we click onto internet explorer the aol site comes on over top of bing/msnbc. Now explorer search  comes on over everything asking to choose them as default..cannot find where to uninstall?

  2. This dude is skipping right along as if everyone in the US understands Serbian. Dah.  Ah, like maybe explain your navigation a little more and talk to us and not yourself.  There's a good fellow.

  3. Thank you so much! I tried a lot of things (including deleting firefoxes user.js) but never managed to get aol out completely (it always reappeared in the about:config) after going through the registry and deleting all files on my PC containing aol it seams to be finally gone. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    Edit: nope…still sometimes randomly switches to the aol search page when my browser thinks it doesn't know the url. Damn it! I'm starting to think the only way to rid myself of that abomination is to do a complete re-setup of my PC.

  4. I had to reinstall my windows 7 now my printer icon on the aol toolbar is gone can I get it back.I tried everything if this is the wrong place to ask iam sorry..

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