AOL Desktop Gold Support Number 1-877-219-8032 USA – How to Tell if Clothing is Vintage or Not

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  1. This is a cute video but I would consider 90s to be retro not vintage. But you are so right about the printed “tag” I work for a clothing company and we mostly print our “tags” or if the print would show Through the back create one that can be easily removed completely if needed. This saves on cost but also is better for the consumer so they don’t have a tag bothering their skin. I think the trend started in the early 2000s when Hanes started marketing tagless shirts.

  2. I actually order fabric tags for my garments but modern tags look SO different. They’re just computer printed on synthetic fabric whereas vintage tags are usually woven and there’s a clear backside

  3. I really have to disagree about your comment on vintage sweaters. I have found and owned them in a variety of quality materials. I have soft cotton Christmas sweaters in my collection. There are also still brands that use fabric woven labels.

  4. Any advice on identifying vintage jewelry since there is typically no tags i feel like i’m in the dark and i picked up a 80s/90s style pair of earrings and they look older and has wear but i really don’t know

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